Vertical Scar + Scar Removal

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Vertical Scar on Forehead, What Should I Do? (photo)

So about two years ago I fell and got a nasty scar in the middle of my forehead and it runs vertical. I've gotten a few laser treatments but i feel... READ MORE

I Have a Vertical Forehead Scar and Was Wondering if There is Any Non Surgical Ways to Reduce Visibility? (photo)

I am aware there are ways to reduce the visibility but unsure how much they will help me personally, especially because it is vertical and it is in... READ MORE

Is the Vertical Scar from Old Belly Button Sutured to the Muscle?

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair. Ended up with a vertical scar where old belly button was which I knew was a possibility. It feels like it... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Remove/lessen a Vertical Webbed Scar at Top at Pubic Line?

My c-section scar is webbed scar at the crease /groin due to being overweight at 38 15 years ago - sitting while nursing. I didn't realize this... READ MORE

How to Remove or Reduce Appearance of Scar on Forehead?

I got in a car accident 5 years ago.I now have a visable scar on my forehead that goes vertical from hairline to eyebrow. The scar is not red all the... READ MORE

Scar Revision? What would you recommend to help repair damage. (photo)

I had to have a vertical c section due to placental abruption. What would you recommend to help repair damage. READ MORE

Should I Have a Tummy Tuck Revision Surgery or Just Be Happy with What I Have?

I had a mini tummy tuck 2 months ago and Im pleased with the results however the dr ask me if I wanted to have revision surgery on my scar after I... READ MORE

Unhappy with myself - scar revision? (photos)

When I was 3 years old, I had abdominal and internal surgery due to a traumatic event that left me with a large 6 inch verticle scar and two small... READ MORE

How can I eliminate a vertical scar under my belly? (Photo)

When I was 18 I had a surgical procedure that left me with a vertical scar under my belly button. I am now 29 years old .I also have imprints of the... READ MORE

What are my options for an old vertical indented scar on my forehead? (photos)

After an accident I had when I was 2 I have lived with an indented but thankfully not hyperpigmented scar on my forehead - I now keen to minimise or... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this old scar? (Photo)

When i was about 6 i ran into a wall that has a spikes and it gave me a vertical scar in the middle of my forehead i am now 15 and i am becoming very... READ MORE

I have a vertical scar that's round at the top & line at the bottom of the nose. What can be done to make it look normal?(photo)

It's at base of nose/septum. I drew the locatoin in red on the photo. It has been over a year and it hasn't healed. Putting aloe/curcumin gel... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to lessen or remove my vertical abdominal scar?

I also have laparoscopic scars from previous surgeries. Ideally, I would like a mommy makeover but I'm close to 50 years of age. I'm 5' 2" currently... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Scar Revision or Tummy Tuck? (photos)

Hello I'm a 25 yr old female. I have a 6 inch Vertical Abdominal Scar from a surgery when I was 15. I know a scar can't be completely removed, I just... READ MORE

Are there any non surgical laser treatments that can help to reduce this scar? (photo)

7 months ago I had a large ovarian mass removed from my stomach. The scar is long and is raised quite a bit. I have been using tissue oil and it... READ MORE

Any treatment recommendation for a scar revision? (photos)

I suffered an accident when in school which left me with a scar on left hand side of the forehead, Scar is almost vertical in shape and it looks very... READ MORE

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