Upper Arms + Scar Removal

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Scars on Upper Arms

I have scars on both upper arms from a smallpox vaccination. They are a size of a dime and slight indented. I would really want to see them removed or... READ MORE

Hi Doctor, what is the best way to remove the self-harm scars on my left upper arm near my shoulder? (photo)

These scars as seen from the photo attached are from when I self-harmed around 3 years back. I've tried scar removal gels and bio-oil as well as... READ MORE

Keloid from a Burn and Ear Piercing?

My daughter developed a keloid from a burn on her upper arm when she was 5. She is now 9 and wants her ears pierced - what are the chances that she... READ MORE

I have a BCG scar on my upper arm and I want to know how I can make it look better?

The scar is ugly, dented, and wrinkly. I have horrible self-steem because of it. I'm very self conscious I am 21 years old and I can't ever wear a... READ MORE

Anyway To Treat Upper Arm Liposuction Scars?

I had liposuction on my arms about 3 years ago & now have star-shaped puncture scar on the inside and outside of both elbows. Is there anyway to... READ MORE

My upper arms and legs are full of thick scars which turned into a noticeable white color. What treatment would you recommend?

WhencI was a teenager I had a serious problem with cutting. My upper arms and legs are full of thick scars but since it was almost a decade ago the... READ MORE

How can I lighten flat dark scars on my upper arms and upper back from picking scabs?

I pick scabs repeatedly. The scars are dark and I would like to know how to lighten them READ MORE

Removal of Hypertrophic/Keloid Scar from Upper Arm/Shoulder? (photo)

Hello, car accident left scars on my upper arm & top lip. Arm scar is a 2 -part scar & in the past Ive had injections that were 100%... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Small Scars on Upper Arms?

I have lots of scarring on my upper arms and I get lots of small spots. I admit that I pick them. I'm left with lots of small discolored scars,... READ MORE

Any Successful Ways to Treat Keloids for 15 Year Olds?

Hi im 15, im a girl. i have two keloids. One on my left chest and left upperarm. they are about one inch long each. ever since august 2012 ive been... READ MORE

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