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Treatments to Remove Deep Facial Scar? (photo)

Hi! I have a long deep scar on my right cheek and another two but smaller on my left cheek. It's from a domestic case from 8 years ago. What can I do... READ MORE

Itching and Painful Keloids - Treatment?

I have keloids on my back, chest and cheek. They all between 5 and 10years old they are large and raised.And are still continuing to get larger. They... READ MORE

Ice Pick Scarring and Big Pores

Thanks for your time doctors. I have some very ugly icepick scarring on both cheeks and my dermatolagist recommended I come in for Cynergy Multiplex.... READ MORE

Post Opp Swelling in Upper Lip After Scar Tissue Removed, What Can I Do?

I had some remaining amount of lymphatic malformation and older scar tisse removed from inside my upper lip. It's been just over 2 months post opp... READ MORE

How to remove permanent knee and leg scars? (photo)

I had two major accidents in 2004 and 2010 due to which I have these large, noticeable scars on both of my knees. Its too embarrassing and I just cant... READ MORE

I have keloid with cyst on my upper chest. How can it be treated? (Photo)

One year ago I had a cyst on my upper chest.I removed it by on that part I have keloid and that cyst again. I m taking injection on that... READ MORE

What to Do About Old Dog Bite Scars on Face?

I'm 17 years old, and ever since a dog attacked me at a young age I've suffered with deep facial scars. Most would say they're minute, but I've always... READ MORE

Is there any treatment to remove a scar my from forehead? (Photo)

I am now 25 When i was about 3 years old accidentally my forhead got injured and i fell unhappy with this scar. please give me a perfect... READ MORE

How to treat Dimple creation scar?

I did my Dimple creation for 2weeks but somehow i am not happy with the result because both side was not the same and i notice that it leave on a red... READ MORE

Will my scar improve? Is there anything I can do to help treat it? (Photo)

I fell of my bike and scraped my shoulder a little over a year and a half ago. There was minor bleeding but it did turn really red and scab This is... READ MORE

Hot tea fell on my daughter's chest. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

Dear Dr. last 1 year back hot Tea fall on my daughter's chest and now her age is near about 6 year but her skin with white spot now so how to remove... READ MORE

What would be best to remove a keloid and other scars? (photo)

I have ugly scars from being suicidal when I was young now Iam older and I NEED to remove them I have a baby and sooner or later she will ask just as... READ MORE

I have scars on my legs. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have scars on my legs and got this when I was young. Are there any possible home remedies or do I need a medical treatment to remove these old... READ MORE

Area Under Stitches Is Swollen and Hard, How Can I Treat This?

What medicine i must take to remove this swelling this is 10th day of my accedent my forehead strikes on road and a bulb like swelling appear after 5... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Surgically Remove Eczema Scars?

When I was younger I had a lot of eczema on my arms and legs. Today, I am still suffering from dark brown patches and marks on my legs. I am Indian... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Scars on my Wrist from Cutting?

From cutting I have raised white-ish thin straight scars on the sides of my wrist. I understand complete removal is unlikely but I would like too make... READ MORE

My scar on my knee is purple and red and is risen above the skin a little. Is there anyway to treat it? (photo)

My scar is red and purple. The scar is risen I've had it since late fall. The injury happened early Fall scared over Late fall and I still have it.... READ MORE

I have a deep acne scar on the very tip of my nose. What kind of treatment should I get? (photo)

I have a deep acne scar on the very tip of my nose. It is about 3mm wide and deep that it creates a shadow. I wonder what could be the best treatment... READ MORE

Treatment option for keloid /cyst? (photo)

My mom is 49years old.4yrs back she had a small pimple on her neck which gradually became bigger cyst/keloid.Now it started itching and pain.She took... READ MORE

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