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How to Get Rid of a Stretched Pore or Pore Scar

Hi. I have an enlarged pore on my chin. It will not go away and looks worse with make up on. There doesnt seem to be anything inside of it, just a... READ MORE

No Belly Button, Can a Scar Like This Be Removed? (Photo)

I had surgery from gastroschisis when I was born. I am now 23 and it has always been something that I could never get over. Due to pregnancy it... READ MORE

Is There Any Hope for Removing a Badly Indented Scar?

The scar is about 7 inches long and 1/3 of an inch above my bellybutton. It's about 11 years old, slightly raised, and similar to the color of my... READ MORE

How do I fix my old belly piercing? (Photo)

I had gotten my belly button pierced wrong , it was slightly cricked and close to the edge of my skin . About 5 or 6 months after I got pregnant and I... READ MORE

White burn scar. What is the best way for removal?

Hi I got badly sun burnt when I was only 3 years (just over 30 years ago) on my chest . The scar is now white and slightly raised. Since having my... READ MORE

Best treatment for scaring near eye? Best dermatologic surgeon Southern California? (photos)

When I was two years old I had an accident which caused 3 facial scars. One on the side of my right eye and in my right eyebrow. One is on the left... READ MORE

Recently Had 3 Excisons Done in Same Area Because Scar Would Keep Stretching but Doctor Didin't Cover it, Normal?

I recently had scar revsion done Dr did a nice job of straightining out scar, But Dr put no coverage over sutures, When i asked him are you going to... READ MORE

Can skin on finger (dermal ridges) stretch after wearing a coban wran with anti-inflam cream around the PIP joint for 1month?

Last year I had a mild sprain(middle finger).In time healed pretty ok(did not splint it at the time,by the time I got to the dr it was a month old).I... READ MORE

I was burned on a kerosene heater 26 years ago and the burn covers my breast and belly area?

Over time and getting older,growing and having 4 kids it has stretched also causing stretch marks.but now only covers one of my breast. Do you think... READ MORE

What's the best scar treatment for my old stretched scar? (photo)

I got this scar(see the picture) 12 years ago and it started with just a thin line then started widen like crazy as I growth. What's the best scar... READ MORE

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