Scratching + Scar Removal

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Hyper Pigmented Scars; am I Going in the Right Direction for Treatment? (photo)

Hello Doctors, Over 15 years, due to dermatillomania, I scratched my wounds and created skin deep hyperpigmented scars. I'm under a scar removal... READ MORE

How Do I Remove These Deep Leg Scars That Have Been Around for 5 Years Now? (photo)

I have scars on both my legs. The scars were caused by scratching mosquito bites when I was young, and now they have become so bad and dark. The scars... READ MORE

What is Your Recommendations for Cat Scratch on Upper Lip on Toddler? Injury Occurred 3 Weeks Ago. (photo)

3 weeks ago, my toddler was scratched by a cat on the upper lip. We immediately took her to a plastic surgeon who advised against sutures because he... READ MORE

How to Remove Old Nail Scars on Face?

I am 20 year old and i have some old nail scars on my face so help me out give me some way so that i can walk on that way. READ MORE

How to get rid of scar due to scratches and insects bite? (photo)

I have mosquito bites and scratches scar all over my leg since I have known my self I have tried skin bleaching and it only lightened my skin leaving... READ MORE

Picked at Raised Scar After Injection to Flatten It out - Will It Still Work?

I have a raised scar on my arm and i went to the dermatogoist and i got a injection to flatten them out but i had accidentaly picked/scratch at it,... READ MORE

Can I get rid of 1 year old scars on my legs from ingrowing hairs and scratching?

I have spot scars all over my legs where I have removed in growing hair and by scratching. Some are pink and some are darker. Is there anything that... READ MORE

Could This Be Swelling and How Do I Treat a Fresh Pimple Scarring?

I was in a play fight (wrestling) and it got rough. Which now got me a scratched (not with nails) forehead. I had little pimples on my forehead and it... READ MORE

How can I get rid of these scars?

I have a ton of medium scars all over both my legs front and back but front is worse. When i was younger my legs were extremely itchy and i scratched... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Facial Scratches: Medication or Other Treatment?

Hello docter i have scratches on my face my brother and cousin scratched it with finger nail in childhood and now i am 17.9 years old but scratch did... READ MORE

Scratching of Skin? (photo)

When I get stressed I scratch the skin on my hands. I have scars left from scratching 5 years ago. Why is this and how do I stop? READ MORE

How to get rid of these scars? (photos)

Hi, what kind of treatment(s) do I need to get rid of these scars ? I've had them since I was 7yrs old, would scratch wounds back then. And since... READ MORE

I have this scar on my forehead. That I got from scratching a bump off my head. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I don't know if it was a pimple or a bruise. Is there a type a medicine I can take or maybe a cream or something that can fade or get rid of the... READ MORE

What can I do to make this scar more faded or better yet invisible?

I had gotten this scar from horse playing with a girl which she scratch me with her nail.I had this scar for about 10 years,and I hope for this scar... READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Scars in my Butt?

When i was in highschool, i was accidentally scratch it, i used different scars removal cream but it useless. i dont know what to do to remove it. READ MORE

How to get rid of the dark mark on the cheek caused by a scratch?

A few weeks ago I got a scratch (about 3 cm long) on the cheek by a child's nail. I am very worried because it has resulted in a dark mark. READ MORE

How to treat fresh fingernail scratches to prevent any scarring? I've used hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin and A&D Ointment.

I have some deep scratches on my forearm from fingernails. I initially poured hydrogen peroxide right before I cleaned it. I have read that is not... READ MORE

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