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Belly Button Scar Removal

I got my belly button repierced last May and everything was fine up until like a week ago. A small bump like a pimple formed near it. And I picked it... READ MORE

How can I lighten flat dark scars on my upper arms and upper back from picking scabs?

I pick scabs repeatedly. The scars are dark and I would like to know how to lighten them READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of This Hyperpigmentation Scar on my Face (photo)?

I had a scab fall off on my face, and when the pink skin healed, the skin healed to a darker shade than before. The scar is on my cheek and about an... READ MORE

What Would Cause Wounds After Surgery to Still Have Scabs After 3 Months?

I had esophagus surgery on June 13, today is September 15 and I still have scabs that hurt and have a red rim around them. what would cause this?... READ MORE

I Got my Scar Removed on my Forehead but when the Scab Came off You Still See It , Why?

I got it removed at the doctors with some liquid and the scab formed in 3 days and came off within about 4 days and now i use a cream but you can... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation on face after mole removal. Can the scars be lightened or removed? (Photo)

I got a procedure done in Korea town in Los Angeles ,ca . I wanted to get rid of some moles on my face . Not raised , but freckle like . They're dark,... READ MORE

Huge dents in my face from I still keep moist with bacitracin or let them scab over in hopes they will fill in?

Hi, I had an old hypertrophic scar removed on the side of my nose. plastic surgeon had to create a flap and cut out the scar. after a week, I am left... READ MORE

How can I minimize healing time? (photos)

So I burned my forehead with a curling iron little than a week ago and I've even putting aloe Vera on it ever since. The scab fell off and now there's... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of this red upper lip bump/ scar that won't go away? (photo)

It's been about 4 months that I have had this red bump/scar. It was a cold sore at one point and then it scabbed over and I picked at it and was left... READ MORE

How do I get rid or treat my dark shadow on my upper lip? (Photo)

I used to wax my upper lip myself, and ended up ripping off some skin which then caused a scab. Well I picked the scab and now I have dark spots on my... READ MORE

Discoloration caused by milia removal. Will it fade?

My 4 year old child had milia around his eye which has been cut off by his doctor and after the scab removed by it self I noticed discoloration , does... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix a dent left from a improperly healed wound?

I woke up one day with a bump on my nose. I thought it was a pimple, but it itched, so I'm assuming I got bit by something. I accidentally scratched... READ MORE

How can I prevent an indented scar from forming on my eyelid from a deep gash by a cat gouge? (photo)

The scratch occurred two days ago at 7am. My mother help my eyelid together so it would coagulate. I woke up 5 hours later and for 2-4 hours I put... READ MORE

Is this a scar or a PIH / PIE? (photos)

I met with a road accident two weeks back and fell on my chin and the topmost layer was scraped off. My local doctor said it's a superficial injury... READ MORE

How do I get rid of it? (photos)

I got nail scratched on my face on the 30th December. A scab grew quickly and then two days later I peeled the scab off my accident and now I have... READ MORE

I have a black mark on my nose from where my scab fell off. Will it go away, if so how do I need to leave it alone or use cream?

What should I do to the spot leave it alone to fade away, or do I need to use some type of cream. READ MORE

How can I get rid of the scar on my nose tip? (Photo)

I have had this scar since the scab came off last month and it looks noticable, wanna know how to get rid of this? does subcision help? or aggressive... READ MORE

I have a lot of scars on my legs & I'm embarrassed to wear dresses. What's the best scar removal cream/oil or treatment? (photo)

I have eczema so I itch a lot which causes scabs which I then pick at (I've tried to stop) it just doesn't work READ MORE

Just had chickenpox, scab removal left indented hole in my nose, any procedure I can do to remove it? (photos)

Hello, Just had a bout of chickenpox, one of the pox was on my nose bridge and after removing the scab today , there seems to be a big indent in the... READ MORE

Applied apple cider vinegar to genital bumps. Scabs tore off, now I have raised, smooth black marks. Are these scars? (Photo)

I applied apple cider vinegar to some bumps below belly button. Bumps became red and then scabs. The scabs accidentally tore off (I was using... READ MORE

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