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Risks of Tissue Growth Removal from Inside the Lip?

I have some tissue growth inside my lip. My oral surgeon said it is probably caused by biting on lip many times and/or aggravated by my dental... READ MORE

Are There Any Dangers to Needling Treatment for Acne Scars?

Hi! I have suffered from acne for years, and it has left scars, especially on my cheeks. I have been considering needling treatments after I have... READ MORE

What is Kenalog?

What is kenelog and what does it do? Is it safe and the risks/future possible problems? READ MORE

Acne Scar with Multiple Skin Problems Treatment Options?

I'd like to do something to make my acne scars less noticeable. What is recommended considering I: am East Indian (skin type 4); have vitiligo... READ MORE

What Are The Risks of Laser Scar Revision?

I Had a Tummy Tuck a Year Ago, my Scar is High in Some Places, Sometimes it's hard to hide my scar, and in some places my scar is wide like it has... READ MORE

High Risk to Remove Keloid at 16 and Over?

Does keloid removal at 16 and over pose high risk? I have keloid on my ear. READ MORE

I Had Surgery 10 Years Ago Near my Face/neck Line and Have Keliods.

Ive tried everything from steriod injections, silocone pads, creams etc to no good outcome. ive heard raidiation is successful however my doctor is... READ MORE

Would Fraxel or Any Other Laser Be Helpful to Reduce Mild Burn Scar Under Eye?

I have a mild burn scar from boiled water under the eye with a very slight change in pigmentation and indentation going up to just under the eyelash.... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Re-pierce?

I had my second hole pierced and a year later I got keloids. I have had them removed, however I just wanted to know is it safe for me to try piercing... READ MORE

I had chicken pox. A family members peeled them off. Now I have numerous scars mainly on my cheeks. Any suggestion?(photo)

Please tell me what the best treatment and how well it will work. I also would like to know the average cost, process, and all risks I will be talking. READ MORE

Keloid removal through surgical procedure while breastfeeding, is it safe?

Hello, I have keloids on my chest and they are now very painful and itchy all the time. I want to go for a surgical procedure to be removed but i am... READ MORE

Esthelis Basic is It a Good Treatment of Scarring ?

Hi,I had juvederm 2 in a depressed facial scar a week ago and am pretty disappointed as there is no substantial improvement. I'm advised to use... READ MORE

Is Scar Laser Removal Safe During Pregnancy?

Hi, 2weeks ago, i had a scratch in my finger, it bleed non stop. I put on betadine and wrap it with plaster, it stops and dried up. However, everytime... READ MORE

Is Scar Revision from Neuro Surgery and Indentations Filled a Safe Procedure? Any Dr's in the U.k.?

I have a large scar from having titainium plate fitted in 2007 , also 3 indentations along the scar , i would like scar revision but most inportant to... READ MORE

What procedure is the best for a white hypertrophic scar on the chin?

What kind of laser is the best for a smaller and old hypertrophic white scar on the chin? Is laser less risky than excision of the scar? May laser... READ MORE

What are the risk or after effect of steroids? (photo)

I have a gunshot wound and it healed with a keliod but still hurts inside. they inject it with steriod and i will like to know what are the side... READ MORE

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