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I Have a Small Round Keliod Scar on my Upper Back, Can I Freeze It?

Hello, I have a small keliod scar on my upper back/shoulder which is raised and red after having a small mole removed. I have read that using Liquid... READ MORE

What would it take to remove this scar?

Hi! I have this scar that formed as a result of a pimple that didn't heal properly. It's approx. 6 years old, located on my cleavage and is... READ MORE

Fix Nose Crater Left by Dermatologist? (Photo)

I went to my dermatologist about 6 weeks ago to have a flesh-colored bump removed from the side of my nose. They ended up digging way into the skin... READ MORE

Scar Revision Gone Wrong. Suggestions? (photo)

It's been 3 weeks since getting a scar revision surgery for my face scars. It did remove the scars (somewhat) but it left me with very red and thick... READ MORE

What treatment is suggested for a permanent Rhinoplasty scar after 4 years? (photos)

I had an open rhinoplasty done 5 years ago and a second procedure 4 years ago by the same doctor. After the surgery, there were red scars left on nose... READ MORE

Scar redness that is only obvious when light shines on it. Will this eventually go away? (photo)

I have a scar that isn't red except when the sun shines on it or a white light it makes it extremely red and noticeable, even when I wear foundation.... READ MORE

What would get rid of scars leftover from teenage red spots?

My scars are small and pinky reddish colour there mostly on my cheecks, it has made me lose confident in myself i would be really grateful if you... READ MORE

Cheeks Scars From Car Cigarette Lighter. What Are My Options?

I have two circle mark type scars on my face caused by a car cigarette lighter being pushed into my cheek . Will laser or botox help reduce these... READ MORE

Bunion surgery scar causing pain. Can it be removed? (Photo)

I had a bunionectomy (chevron procefure) 5 years ago on my right foot. Bunion has slowly been coming back. There is now a bump and it is getting... READ MORE

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