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Chickenpox Scar Permanent Solution? Fillers? (photo)

I have quite a few chickenpox scar on my face that affects my selfesteem. I've included pictures to seek for some expert advice. I'm asian, very prone... READ MORE

How to Remove Nail Scratch Scar on Face

I am 30 years old and I recently had a nail scratch on my face. How can I remove that? Two months ago, my son scratch his nail on my face. Will it be... READ MORE

Nose Pierced Hole Close Permanently?

Hi i pierced the nose when am in 12 but i took out at the age of 14, now am in age 22 but still hole is there not close stil.but i dont want to put... READ MORE

Most Effective Way to Reduce Facial Scar?

What is the most effective method to permanently reduce the appearance of a facial scar? READ MORE

Will Plastic Surgery Completely Remove my 18 Year Old Scar?

I have had this stitch on my face for 18 years now and it is so embarrasing. I want it completely gone. I dont live in America but am coming to visit... READ MORE

Is a possible to remove burn scars from my face permanently? (photos)

This was happen a long time a go whn i was 7 year old been burn these tow scars here i reali want to remove these plz READ MORE

Is it possible to get the dent and the spot on my nose removed permanently? (Photo)

Ive had this small chicken pox scar on my nose since i was four and reallllllly would like it gone i would think it would be an easy fix because the... READ MORE

Does Dermabrasion or Any Other Procedure Have Potential to "Remove" Scars Permanently?

Hi. If fractional co2 laser doesn't remove acne scars permanently, does any other procedure do? Maybe dermabrasion or older ablative lasers (those... READ MORE

Chicken pox raised scar tissue (Photo)

Hello! I had the chicken pox 14 years ago and was left with these scars. Is there any permanent treatment to rid my body of these scars? READ MORE

I was badly burned during laser hair removal. Will the scar be permanent? Will sun exposure make it worse? (photos)

I am vacationing in Puerto Rico for two weeks and i will be exposed to sun will that help the white marks or make them worse? READ MORE

How can I remove my keloids on my hand permanently? (photo)

I am 23 years old,I burnt my hand by cigarette about 5 month ago,I showed my hand a dermatologist,he said that,here keloids formed,now how can I... READ MORE

How to get rid of keloids permanently?

I am having keloids on my left hand as well as right leg I m unable to wear clothes which I wish to its becoming very difficult for me to bear keloids... READ MORE

I have got keloids on my forearms due to self harm using an unsterilised blade. How can I get rid of these scars forever?

I have tried injections ,scar creams as well as fractional carbondioxide laser treatment for the scars and found it to be of no use.there are multiple... READ MORE

I've been searching on how to remove my scars on my legs and I was wondering how much would it cost? (photos)

How much would the procedure be and will it permanently be remove? How long will the treatment. I've heard about laser tx but does it really work. I... READ MORE

What Are My Options to Remove 20+ Year Old Scars?

Hi! ive been wondering if there is a procedure can be done to permanently remove a scar caused by deep wounds. its dark scars and been bearing it on... READ MORE

How can I get rid of these ugly scars for good? (photo)

These are the scars on my leg it's so disturbing to me. READ MORE

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