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Can a Scar Removal Ointment Help Remove a Scar?

Hi! I've been looking for a cheaper way to remove my scar. Can an over the counter ointment such as contractubex helps remove old scar? I can't wear... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this scar on my elbow? (photo)

So I fell pretty hard on the sidewalk and as a result, I got a pretty big scar on my elbow. I've been told to apply cocoa butter on it, but I am not... READ MORE

When to Apply Ointment & Moisturizer and Which One?

Hello Realself ! Recently undergon suturing on my forehead for 3 of my old scars frm small cuts. size of scars was 1st-10mm, 2nd-7mm & 3-5mm(al... READ MORE

What can I do to remove a hypertrophic scar on my knee after cyst removal?

I had a cyst removed from my knee last year of March 5th.Is there any procedures, medications, or lotions I can use. The dermatologist said it... READ MORE

Ointment for Lip Scar?

I have a healing wound on my lower lip. Its not through the border, it starts halfway up my lip and goes half way down the other side. I unfortunately... READ MORE

How to remove accident scar on nose, forehead and just beside lips?

I have met with an bike accident.And dragged through face .please suggest me some medicine .,ointment or home remedies to totally remove this scars READ MORE

What Can be Done for the Scars on my Legs? (photo)

I moved into a new flat in Sydney, Australia and started getting scars on my legs. It's now been over a year and the marks aren't really... READ MORE

Can you recommend an ointment to reduce the mark on the back of my neck from stitches? (photo)

I got operated on back side of the neck there are 13 stitches is ther any ointments to reduce the mark READ MORE

How to get rid of a scar? (Photo)

I have this cut beside my nose. When it was new, it was red so i applied Polysporin and had a bandage over it for a few days. Now it's pink and I... READ MORE

What kind of cream or ointment should I apply on it? (photos)

I have a scars on my feet and it really bother me how to get rid out of it.. i think i got this when ate too much of chicken and seafood, because i... READ MORE

What is the best OTC scar removal ointment to help minimize facial scarring after stitches have been removed?

I recently had 3 moles on my face removed. 2 of them had 1 stitch, the 3rd had 2 stitches. I had the stitches in 7 days and they were removed on Nov 7... READ MORE

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