Nose Tip + Scar Removal

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Subcision for Depressed Scar on Nose Tip?

Is Subcision an effective treatment for depressed scar on tip of the nose? READ MORE

Will This Scar on my Nose Fade/disappear Completely with Time? (photo)

I caused this scar on my nose myself unfortunately. I've had it for about three months now; it used to be bright red and far more messed up. Do... READ MORE

Options for Removal of Nose Surgery Scars

I have done a rhinoplasty to my nose 4Y ago and the result was perfect. After 10M an infection surfaced and i had two bumps in my nose. After two... READ MORE

How Likely is a Scar Revision on the Nose Tip to Leave a Scar?

After a nose excision with sutures, what are some reasons the skin would open after removing the sutures? Is this likely in the nose? How to prevent it? READ MORE

Indented Scar on Nose Tip, What Treatment Can I Do to Improve It? (photo)

Hi. I am Asian. I have an indented scar on nose tip for 8 months. It is still have some pink colors. What treatment can I do to smooth it? Is it a... READ MORE

How to Remove Scar on Tip of the Nose Caused by a Knife (Self Harm)? (photo)

Can it be possible to remove a scar on my nose which ive had since i was 20? ive had it for 6 year's caused by myself when i tried to cut the tip of... READ MORE

I have stitches marks on my nose tip. Is there any way to get completely rid of these scars? (photos)

I have stitches marks on my nose tip is there any way to get completely rid of from these scars. this side of nose is very thick and it has to be... READ MORE

Best treatment for scar on the tip of the nose? (photo)

Had an icepick scar on the nasal tip for many years. Got adviced to have a revision done and went for the surgery 4 months ago. Unfortunately I ended... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct my Mohs incision scar? (photos)

I'm devastated by the "butt" appearance at the tip of my nose now. I had a really smooth round tip to my nose and now it has a huge scar indention all... READ MORE

What treatment for depressed scar on tip of nose? (photos)

Derm removed an ulcerated fibrous papule (took a biopsy, then did laser). Had one treatment so far to reduce scar( the pic is two weeks after laser).... READ MORE

Indented scars at the tip of nose, will it heal or can there be a fix? (photos)

I have a very noticeable indented scars at the tip of my nose. I have this for like 3 months now, and I don't know will it continue to heal or not. I... READ MORE

I have a deep acne scar on the very tip of my nose. What kind of treatment should I get? (photo)

I have a deep acne scar on the very tip of my nose. It is about 3mm wide and deep that it creates a shadow. I wonder what could be the best treatment... READ MORE

I have a scar on my tip of nose due to removal of wart. I can't see any improvement after laser treatment.

I had a wart on the tip of my nose,which was removed before 7 years.But later it developed a scar,and now i am going laser treatment for removal of... READ MORE

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