Mosquito Bite + Scar Removal

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How Can I Get Rid of Mosquito Bite Scars on my Legs and Hands? (photo)

I have always had sensitive skin and living in Africa i got bitten by a lot of insects especially mosquitoes and when these bites heal they do not... READ MORE

How to get rid of scar due to scratches and insects bite? (photo)

I have mosquito bites and scratches scar all over my leg since I have known my self I have tried skin bleaching and it only lightened my skin leaving... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Long Term Scarring? (photo)

Hello all, I've had these scars ever since I could walk these scars are not only on my legs but also on my arms i'd like to say 95% of them were... READ MORE

How to remove old scars from legs by mosquito bites? (photo)

I live in a tropical country and when I was a kid, i scratch a lot of my mosquito bites. I believe that's the cause of the horrible scars on my legs.... READ MORE

How am I gonna remove these scars? (photos)

These are mosquito bites/chicken pox scars. I'm depressed and been insecure coz other girls can wear everything that they want without worrying about... READ MORE

How to get rid off from white and black marks/scars? (photos)

I have white and black scars on my arms and legs due to mosquito bite and I am in habit of scratching it. It makes me loose my confidence level . I... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove an old scar from my leg? (Photo)

I'm a dark skin & I have being mosquito bite scars on my leg for like 15 years. I have seen lots of doctors but still I'm not able to find a solution... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark spots from mosquito bites for 4mos old baby. (photos)

I have a serious problem with my daughters skn right now. Mosquitos and some insect like ants love bitting her even I cover her with mosquito net.i... READ MORE

What Kind of Chemical Peel or Laser Can Improve the Appearance of Mosquito Bites Scars on my Foot and Legs?

Im filipino and had these scars since childhood. i also have contact dermatitis growing up READ MORE

What ointment will quickly remove the scars from itching my legs and hands?

I am left itchy about a week after a mosquito bites. . My other family members got bitten too but they only got red dots and leaves no scar on their... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend to remove the dark scars on my legs? (photos)

Im 14 and have these dark scars on my leg since I was younger . I think they were caused by mosquito bite but I don't know . I wanna know how to... READ MORE

Due to chronic urticaria & mosquito bites left black spot on body. How to remove dark black spot? (photos)

I'm 23 years old girl, have dry skin with IgE level 458 IU/ml. Suffering from chronic urticaria for about 6 years, which left black spot all over body... READ MORE

How to minimize huge scars and dark spots caused by mosquito bites?

I have this scar on my head that I have had since I was about nine or so nd it's a bit swollen. It's like a bump on my head with a scar(forehead... READ MORE

I have lots of small scars. What I need to do to remove them immediately; Laser or Creams?

I got these 2 years ago. Mosquitoes bite me and I scratch it everytime. I can't help it. So this is the result. And in 2 years I already put anything... READ MORE

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