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Scar Removal or Fading After Mole Removal on Chest?

I have a scar on my chest from a mole that I had tried to remove using BIO-T. The mark that is left now is about three or 4 times the size of the... READ MORE

Can a 12 Yr Old Cigarette Burn Be Removed?

When I was about 4 I got burned with a cigarette on my left nostril, according to my mother I kept picking at the scab and now it's black. I'm... READ MORE

How to Remove Keloid Above the Lip?

I ordered a mole removal online 3 years ago and attempted to remove the flat mole above my lip on my mustache and the out come was this instead. What... READ MORE

Scar Removal Products After Mole Removal?

I have had a mole removed and it has left a dark patch on my skin. I think it's now a scar. Can you recommend any scar removal products to lighten... READ MORE

Reducing Hypertrophic Scar from Mole Removal on Penis? (photo)

I went through a mole removal on my penis past October. Soon after, the wound was infected and when it was healed, a pigmented hypertrophic scar took... READ MORE

How to remove garlic burn marks from the face?

I had applied garlic on my forehead to remove mole.. but it burnt my after a month the marks of burn are left on skin ..please tell me how... READ MORE

Raised Mole Removal: How Can I Remove the Scar?

I had a mole removed in the office of a general practicioner 21 years ago when I was a teen. I have a raised scar that is white but ugly. Since that... READ MORE

How to Fix Deep Chest Scar from Mole Removal?

Hi, I have a three year old scar in the chest. I got the scar when my mole was removed three years ago, but the cut was deeper than the usual because... READ MORE

Red Scar After Mole Removal, What Options are there for Getting Rid of This? (photo)

Hello, I have this scar on my chest from a mole that was removed a few years ago. Obviosuly it has not healed properly. I was able to lower the... READ MORE

Mole Removal on Breast Before Breast Augmentation

I had 2 moles removed one month ago. One is on my lower breast. They are both a half inch long and normal incision size. I have been massaging and... READ MORE

Scar from Mole Removal- How To Treat?

My son had a mole removed from his lower cheek/jaw area. It was removed via punch biopsy, stitches removed after 7 days. part of the mole is still... READ MORE

Is Dermal Filler the Solution for Sunken Scar Due to Mole Removal?

I had my mole removed last May 5, 2010. Since it's rounded and kinda big, it undergo dual process- shave Excision and Laser. The doctor advised mo... READ MORE

How to Remove Scar if Unsure Whether It's Infected or Not?

I attempted to remove a mole with a Wart and Mole Vanish cream bought off the Internet. However, mole removal was not successful and I am now left... READ MORE

How to Treat Keloid on the Mustache?

Whatis best way to treat Keloid located on mustache caused by injury to mole? READ MORE

Mole Removal Scarring? (photo)

Is it taking off or not? honestly I took this about 2 weeks ago and maybe 3 and well it's gone to this.. is this bad? will it leave a serious scar and... READ MORE

Lumpy scar... Normal?

My scar is far more noticeable than my mole ever was and it is lumpy as well... Is this normal after 6 weeks? I feel like my Dr. made things worse not... READ MORE

Thin scar from mole removal across forehead. Any specific laser work to consider for successful scar removal? (Photo)

Hi doctors, I had a mole removed from my forehead about 4 years ago. As the picture shows, the scar is basically straight and thin. As the years have... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce the appearance of the scar left from a mole removal?

Three weeks ago i had a mole removed from my cheek near my nose. It was excised then cauterized. Its healing well I kept it covered with a bandage and... READ MORE

How to Make the Scars I have from Mole Removals Invisible and Not Raised? (photo)

I have small raised and colored scars from using the product Dermatend to remove moles that I had. It left me with these completly embarrassing scars... READ MORE

What Should I Do About my Scar? I Removed a Mole At-Home, and It's Left a Scar.

On the premise of positive peer review, I decided to remove a raised mole on my face using apple cider vinegar, applying it gently with vaseline... READ MORE

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