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Can I Get Rid of my Cheek Piercing Scar?

I had my cheeks pierced for a year and took them out Jan 1 of this year. I used vitamin e for about a month and since have been using mederma they... READ MORE

Reducing a Flat, Dark Scar from Iron Burn

Hello, I have a flat, old (4 months) burn scar from an iron that I am desperately wanting to reduce. It is very smooth compared to the surrounding... READ MORE

I'm 24 yrs old and recently had an intense flea infestation at home and now I can't see my legs without crying. Help? (photos)

I would like to know if there is any way my legs can ever look normal again, and if so, how? The bites have healed but horrible scarring is all over... READ MORE

3.5 Year Old Knee Scar. What Are My Options After Mederma and Silicone Scar Sheets?

I had a fall and injured my knee. I've tried Mederma and the silicone scar sheets. I am thinking about trying the Rejuveness system on it because... READ MORE

Is my 2 year old daughter a good candidate for accident scar removal on forehead? (photo)

My daughter had a accident, she hit pretty hard on a table and had open wound, 3 stitches came along from the hospital that day, And its been 3 month... READ MORE

Best Post- Suture Care of Facial Laceration? How long should I keep it covered?

I have 8-9 stitches on a laceration underneath my chin from being knocked off my bike. I am due to get the stitches out tomorrow and am wondering what... READ MORE

How to get rid of a keloid scars on my leg? (photo)

I've had these scars for years and I'm too embarrassed to show them off please help I've tried mederma and even cocoa butter fat it didn't help READ MORE

I have very light red marks from previous burns. How can I remove them? (photos)

I have very light red marks on my skin from burns (curling iron) about a year ago. They have faded but are still there. I also have a red birthmark.... READ MORE

Will this scar on my son's cheek improve? (Photo)

My 19 month old fell a month ago and hit his cheek on the edge of a coffee table. It was not dermabonded/sutured because it didn't look that bad... READ MORE

Getting rid of a huge red pigmented scar on lip? (photo)

About 4 months ago I had a scab on my lip that I picked at. It resulted in this huge red scar. I have just started using mederma for a week now. How... READ MORE

What surgical procedure or laser could be the best on my daughter's forehead scar? (Photo)

My daughter had a accident, she hit pretty hard on a table and had open wound, 3 stitches came along from the hospital that day, And its been almost 7... READ MORE

I've had scars on the corner of my lips for as long as I can remember. Can you tell me what it is and its treatment? (photo)

I have had scars on both the corners of my lips for as long as I can remember and I have used products like Bio Oil and Mederma to no avail. Recently... READ MORE

I have a scar on my face after falling off my bike. What's the best treatment?

I met accident before one year..I fell down from bike and scratch mark formed in my cheek.. I used mederma to hide that mark..but there is no use.. So... READ MORE

I have a stitch mark on my face under my right eye. Can it be removed? (Photo)

I have a stitch mark on my face under my right eye. I tried nederma but didn't work out well, any other medic that can suggested to remove the scar ? READ MORE

I cut my face and and I been using mederma for almost 2 weeks. Why haven't I seen any progress? It's only caused discoloration.

I hit my self almost a month ago in my face is red and I been used merdema gel and mederma pm since it looks like a deep cut I need help for what to... READ MORE

Can you suggest a solution to even out my skin damaged from mederma ointment? (Photo)

I had a scar on my face so I used mederma but unfortunately it doesn't work and damaged my skin around the scar like a white patch pls get me out of this READ MORE

Will mederma cream disappear chickenpox scars?

I have just recovered from chickenpox. I have 5 scars on my face. Will mederma cream reduce scarring READ MORE

I cut my hand by blade 7 month ago and would like to remove scars. (photo)

I use mederma but it cant any way to remove it any surgery ,plastic surgery or anything else,please help me. READ MORE

I have a lower lip scar from my tooth puncturing my skin. How can I get rid of it? (photos)

Ive done mederma, keto cote, scar guard, bio oil, cocoa butter, and scar guard bandage like strips. I keep getting denied any help or surgery because... READ MORE

Where Can I Get Silicone Gel for Scarring?

I had a nasty cut on my arm and would like to find something to help with the scaring, based on the reviews I have read on this site for Mederma, I am... READ MORE

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