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How to Get Rid of Tribal Marks on the Cheek?

I have had them all my life. i have 2 on the right side of my cheek and 1 on the left side. they sometimes fade when i take pictures. READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Raised Red Marks from Acne?

I have little raised red marks where I had acne. Now they have been there for about six months and have barely faded. Will they ever go away? What... READ MORE

Home remedies for scar removal - stitch marks on my forehead. (photo)

Hello doctor. i have stitches mark on my forehead . i met with an accident to years back. from that time i am using hexilak silicone gel as suggested... READ MORE

How to get rid of ingrown hair marks? (photos)

Hello, I have red scars/marks all over my legs, some have now darkened and gone black. I think it is ingrown hair scars. I have been exfoliating daily... READ MORE

I have stitches marks on my nose tip. Is there any way to get completely rid of these scars? (photos)

I have stitches marks on my nose tip is there any way to get completely rid of from these scars. this side of nose is very thick and it has to be... READ MORE

My daughters face was scratched by fingernails in several places on her cheek. What would you recommend for Scar removal?

A year later the marks are still visible. She has pale skin and they show up bad when she is flushed. What treatments are available to improve there... READ MORE

I have a mark on my face and small keloid scar on my chest. What are my possible treatment options? (photos)

I got chicken pocks when I was 11 years old. I was never vaccinated against it. It left me with this lovely crater in my face. I feel like I would be... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my scars from my body rejecting butt injections? (photos)

I had gotten illegal butt injections . My body rejected it ,on both sides . One side I have a dark mark the other side is a huge indented scar . I... READ MORE

How to get rid of the stitches marks on your face?

J meet an accident a year ago I got total 18 stiches on my face 5 on my right forehead , 8 on my upper lips and more 5 in the inner part of my upper... READ MORE

How to get rid off from white and black marks/scars? (photos)

I have white and black scars on my arms and legs due to mosquito bite and I am in habit of scratching it. It makes me loose my confidence level . I... READ MORE

Which medicines or cream are best to completely remove the chicken pox scars?

I had a chicken pox about one month later and now there are some marks on my face. what medicines or cream are best READ MORE

How can I get rid of the marks (or scars) on my nose? (photos)

A few months ago, i had two infected spots on my nose, like two months later, they disappeared however they left two marks (or scars) on my nose. How... READ MORE

Should I keep applying Dermatix twice a day? Is there something else I should apply to make the marks go away quicker? (Photo)

From viewing the photo, you can tell one mark is a lot more noticeable than the other. I had 2 scabs just from a minor injury. Eventually the scabs... READ MORE

I have ingrown hairs which sometimes filled with pus, drys up, & leaves a dark mark on my cheeks. How do I get rid of it?(photo)

What can I use to get rid of these unsightly marks on my face, and stop the ingrown hairs, pus and dark marks READ MORE

How to get rid of the dark mark on the cheek caused by a scratch?

A few weeks ago I got a scratch (about 3 cm long) on the cheek by a child's nail. I am very worried because it has resulted in a dark mark. READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for a burn mark on my right cheek? (photos)

M a 21 yr girl n I hav a burn mark on my ryt cheek since m 2 yrs. 2 month ago I did a surgery n dr told it need 3 session. Afto 1 at session my scar... READ MORE

Dark mark removal (photo)

I have a big Mark on my forehead because of an accident now a Mark is very dark help me to clear this mark.  Help me to remove my dark mark on my... READ MORE

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