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What is the Best Way to Lighten Dark Scars?

I had undergone collage injections. The scars have flatten but the problem is the dark color. What can be done to lighten these scars?   READ MORE

How to Lighten Dark Scars Left by Carbuncle?

I have this flat circular dark scar left by carbuncle for almost 7 years. Is there a way to improve its color? I have consulted a dermatologist before... READ MORE

How can I lighten flat dark scars on my upper arms and upper back from picking scabs?

I pick scabs repeatedly. The scars are dark and I would like to know how to lighten them READ MORE

Options for Hard Scar Tissue from Radiation?

I had a radiation treatment for breast cancer 22 years ago. Now I have a hard scar tissue lump, with 1" x 4" dark red line above the lump.... READ MORE

Indented wide dark scar from recent cyst removal punch excision by plastic surgeon. Does it look normal? (Photo)

After 7 days, stitches were removed. Scar was light, looked good, small line. Now day 4 since stitches out, line much darker, deeper, wider. PS said... READ MORE

Will silicon gel sheets for scars work to help lighten them? (photo)

I have a dark and flat scars. Will a silicon gel sheets work on my scars to help lighten them? If so, what product could I use? Do they also work on... READ MORE

What Would Be a Solution to Get Rid of Scar or Lighten? (photo)

It was an acne scar and unfortunately I was younger and scratched it , is a peel or retin-a suggested i just dont want it to be noticeable no more :(... READ MORE

What are the procedures to lighten or minimize the appearance of the dark & deep scars on my knees? (photos)

These scars have been the source of my embarrassment for more than 20 years.I would always have to hide them in jeans and long skirts:( i've tried... READ MORE

I have a 14 year old burn scars near my nose because a splash of cooking oil. What treatment would you recommend?

Good day! I'd like to know how to treat my old scar or if it is possible to remove it. I actually have a 14 year old scar on my face near my nose due... READ MORE

​What treatment can remove childhood chicken pox scars?

It lightens over time but still quite visible on my legs since my complexion is brown and the spots appear more darker. Help, how can i get rid of... READ MORE

Best ways to remove scars? Now white - previously red. Location is inner arms and outer thighs.

Scars that have been treated with remedies such as aloe Vera and bio oil. Over the course of 8 years the scars have lightened to be white. I would... READ MORE

How to remove or lighten Bug bites scars? (photos)

I got 2 bug bites over 8 months ago. After using cortisone cream OTC the itching had gone, but left me with 2 small round scars. I went to see a... READ MORE

Is there a way it can get lighter or will it not be able to be fully removed? Are there any products that would work? (Photo)

Hi i have a scar and i got it while i was drinking hot tea, i put polysporon on it but it didnt seem to entirely fade. READ MORE

Triluma or Dermabrasion to Fix Scars from TCA Peel Burns?

Is there anyway I can lighten this up? It's really bugging me. Will Dermabrasion help? How about Triluma? Please, are there any treatment that can... READ MORE

Scar Underarms from Lightening Product?

3 months ago i started using a product called xtreme brite to lighten under my arms because they were so dark from shaving and using the wrong... READ MORE

Do You Know of Any Ways to Get Rid of Bad Scars and Dark Knees and African-American Skin?

Ever since I was 5 years old i have had dark knees and dark scars on my legs. I really want to show them but am really embaressed ny my scars and dark... READ MORE

Is there anything else I can try to help get rid of the scar by lightening it or decrease the size of it? (photos)

I've had 5 treatments of fraxel and it lightened it after 3 treatments and after that I didn't notice anymore difference. Is there anything else I can... READ MORE

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