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Is There a Laser or Cream That Can Reduce the Dark Marks on my Legs? (photo)

Hello, I am 30 years old and in 2005 after I had my first child I started having skin issues. I was told that it was foliculitis, but the treatments... READ MORE

Depressed Scar On Nose- What To Do? (photo)

I have something on my nose i think it called nose pimple for 7 years small size about 1 or 2 mm & not painful just cosmetic ( red color ) before... READ MORE

V-Star for Burn Scar Removal?

I have a scar from a burn how long does it take to go completely away? Will V-tar help? READ MORE

I Have a Scar from a Nose Piercing, What Are the Costs to Laser Remove? (photo)

Its very small but still very ugly on my face. On average how much would it cost to remove it at a medical spa with lasers? I am a bit new to these... READ MORE

What Treatments Are There for Ingrown Hair Scars on Breasts?

I am currently having laser hair removal around my nipples but up till now I have been plucking the hairs which caused some ingrown hairs. A couple... READ MORE

Laser Scar Removal for Surgery Scars?

My fiance was attacked by a dog when she was younger. She had a lot of plastic surgery to rebuild her calf. As a result her leg is riddled with scars.... READ MORE

Options for Removal of Nose Surgery Scars

I have done a rhinoplasty to my nose 4Y ago and the result was perfect. After 10M an infection surfaced and i had two bumps in my nose. After two... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Help Indented and Red Scar?

I have a red scar between my eyes from an injury 5 weeks ago. Also, it is indented. Will laser treatment help it fade? How long should I wait before... READ MORE

Keloid Laser Removal Cost Tiers

How much does keloid removal cost? Does it depend on size? READ MORE

Scars Where Stitching Has Loosened After Blepharoplasty is my Best Option Laser or Scar Revision??

The scars from the incision lines seem wide. I had the operation over 18 months ago. Is it possible to have the scar line removed and resutured.... READ MORE

Where Can I Get HQ 8%?

Thanks a million Dr Kaplan, your response gives Me hope of having a treatment possibility. I wish you were in Houston so I can rush for treatment,... READ MORE

What Can Get Rid of an Indented Scar Left by a Laser in the Delicate Thin Skin Below my Eye?

What Can Get Rid of an Indented Scar Left by a Laser in the Delicate Thin Skin Below my Eye? READ MORE

Which Type of Laser for This Surgery Scar? (photo)

This scar is from a surgery procedure cause the dr was removing a red dot and told me there will be no visible scar. But as you can see it's really... READ MORE

Punch Graft to Remove Facial Scar Caused by Laser - Liquid Injectable Silicone? (photo)

I had a mole removed by an Er:YAG laser 15 weeks ago (see pictures). It has left redness, a divot, and a scar. I am very upset, I was promised a good... READ MORE

Does Laser Treatment Work for Mosquito Bite Scars?

I have scars/dark spots all over my legs. They're flat scars. I got them since I was young.hoping there's a best way to remove or atleast lighten them... READ MORE

Burn Scars. Possible to Remove With Laser? (photo)

Is it possible to have it removed by laser? How much is the cost? I have the scar for about 16 years I am 28, I really want to have it removed... READ MORE

Can Surgical Scars Be Removed with Laser? (Ex. for Arm and Thigh Lift)

I have lost over 80 lbs on a 5'2" frame. I want a bbl, mommy makeover, arm and thigh lift. I have been so depressed my whole life either obese or left... READ MORE

Does laser therapy work for old larger scars? What kind of laser should I look for?

My girlfriend has some pretty significant scarring on her legs and arms from cutting. She hasn't self harmed in over 18 months. The scars are rather... READ MORE

Laser on Finger? (photo)

Is it safe to use a laser on a slightly raised hypertrophic scar on my left thumb? Would a fat flap from my abdomen be effective? Any advice would be... READ MORE

Will Laser Help Dark, Thin-skinned Scar?

I fell off a quad bike in a desert and cut open my leg (near my ankle). Unfortunately, it wasn't stitched very well in Egypt, and once the stitches... READ MORE

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