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How Much Does Laser Scar Removal Cost?

I need a laser scar removal. How much does it cost? Does this really work? How do I make a consultation? My scar is on my leg and on my knees. The... READ MORE

Removal Options for Large Scar on Knee?

I have a large circular scar on my knee which is 10 years old. The scar is deep, takes up 1/3 of my knee and is from an unhappy period in my life. I... READ MORE

Scar Treatment for 27 Year Old, 3rd Degree Burn Scars?

I am 30 years old and was in a house fire when I was 3. I have third degree burns over my face arms and knees. I have had skin grafts but I am... READ MORE

Bio-oil Effective for Reducing Scars?

Is Bio-Oil an effective treatment to reduce the appearance of a scar? Or should I consider plastic surgery? I obtained a scar when I fell on a wooden... READ MORE

Is Micropigmentation for Scar Revision Effective?

I had a knee injury over a year and a half ago. Shattered my patella in 3 pieces. As a result, I have a white flat and flush with the rest of my... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Scar from ACL Surgery?

Is there any treatment of a surgical scar on the knee? I had ACL surgery. Its not a keloid it looks like wrinkled skin thats light that the rest of... READ MORE

Options For Hypertrophic Scar Post-knee Surgery? (photo)

I had ACL reconstruction done 2.5 months ago---the joint is healing, but one of the scars (endoscope port) is overdeveloping. This is affecting the... READ MORE

Help Needed for Sensitive Surgical Scar on Knees, Options? (photo)

Had bilateral total knee replacement 7 weeks ago. Doctor suggested massaging the scar to help with sensitivity and said that I could use any lotion or... READ MORE

Treatment for Deep, Rough Scars on the Knees?

I have these deep scars on my knees, and they are so rough I have never worn any skirt or dress in my life. Can anything be done about it? READ MORE

How to Lighten Dark Scars Left by Carbuncle?

I have this flat circular dark scar left by carbuncle for almost 7 years. Is there a way to improve its color? I have consulted a dermatologist before... READ MORE

I Have a Bumpy Scar on my Knee About 1/2 Inch in Diameter. Possible to Remove?

It's one of those scars that looks like a bump. I basically fell on it several times when I was a kid and never got stitches or anything. So it... READ MORE

Topical Treatment to Remove Scar on Knee?

I was running and then I slipped on ice and got a cut that's about 2 inches by 1, and I got it about a month ago. I started putting Prefer-on on it... READ MORE

How to Remove Old Surgical Scar on the Thigh?

I had a car accident about 20 years ago. l had a fractured femur and after the operation, my thigh was badly scarred. The scar starts from the upper... READ MORE

3.5 Year Old Knee Scar. What Are My Options After Mederma and Silicone Scar Sheets?

I had a fall and injured my knee. I've tried Mederma and the silicone scar sheets. I am thinking about trying the Rejuveness system on it because... READ MORE

Knee Surgery Left Internal Hypertrophic Scar, How to Treat?

I had ACL reconstruction done 2.5 months ago---the joint is healing, but one of the scars (endoscope port) is overdeveloping. This is affecting the... READ MORE

How to Remove Cut Marks on Knees and Feet?

What can I do to remove the cut marks on my knee and feet? I am very unhappy with my scars. I don't have any confidence to wear skirt because I don't... READ MORE

Possible to Remove 18-year-old Scar on Knee?

The old scar on my knee is round and quite dark and obvious. How will it be removed totally? What are the possible operations? READ MORE

Removing Surgical Scars on Knee and Leg from a Patella Realignment Surgery

I have two large scars on my left leg. One is on my knee that is rather raised and red and the other is just below my knee on my shin. Is there... READ MORE

How to Remove Dark Scars on the Knee?

Hi, please I need help. I had this scar on both knee from volleyball for almost a year then I decided to try TCA peel then after i think my 4th... READ MORE

Best Treatment to Smooth out Scars on Knees?

I have scars on my knees from falling on tar when i was a kid. 3 yrs ago i had them revised. now they are like brown scars on the knee. any laser... READ MORE

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