Injection + Scar Removal

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Ointment or Injections for Scar Tissue?

Is kenalog ointment as effective to reduce scar tissue post-op as kenalog injections? READ MORE

Got Cortisone Injection over 2 Years Ago on a Cyst and Still Have the Scar and Discoloration, Options? (photo)

It has been over 2,5 years since i received the cortisone injection on my cheek to reduce a cyst but still have the discoloration and irregular scar... READ MORE

Would Cryosurgery Help with my Keloid or Should I Begin Getting Injections?

Would Cryosurgery Help with my Keloid or Should I Begin Getting Injections? READ MORE

At 17, Would It Be Better to Take a Keloid off Surgically or Keep Injecting It?

I am 17 and my mom has been worried about my keloid on my upper part of my chest on my breast bone we went to the doctors yesterday and they injected... READ MORE

Should I excise my keloid? I have a big lump of scar tissue under the skin

I asked a doctor abt it, and he said that injections would do fine, to flatten it. however, he touched it, and on the surface, there is very little... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my scars from my body rejecting butt injections? (photos)

I had gotten illegal butt injections . My body rejected it ,on both sides . One side I have a dark mark the other side is a huge indented scar . I... READ MORE

What is "debulking" a keloid and how effective is it in combination with steroid injections and medical taping? (photo)

I have had chest keloids since I was in the 9th grade ( thats when they first appeared) . I have received injections before as you can see in the... READ MORE

Is this normal after intralesional kenalog injection? (photos)

Hello, I posted recently regarding a hypertrophic scar that occurred on my belly after mole removal. I just had intralesional steroids injected into... READ MORE

Should excise my keloid?

The doctor told me that i have a small keloid, and he could use cortisteroid injections. however, it turned out that the bulk of it was under the... READ MORE

Keloid Scars and Treatments?

I have keloid scars on my head, shoulder, arm, and hip from accident/surgery. The scars were raised and bright red in color for about a year. Few... READ MORE

I have a lot of keloids in my body. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hi I have a lot of keloids in my body I've been getting injections but its seem like like nothing is happening besides the two I have in my ears... READ MORE

Can injection and laser treat old facial scar? (photos)

I had ths stitched scar since childhood.aftr consulting few plastic surgeon they suggestd laser.I hve undrgone 1 session and thr ws no improvemnt ... READ MORE

What would you recommend for Keloid Removal?

I dc eloped hugekeloids from the breast augmentation surgery I had over a year ago.i even did a revision in which the keloids were removed but came... READ MORE

What would you recommend to remove Keloid on ear?

I had two keloids, one on each ear then I had them removed surgically. After surgery I went to do the injections three times.One side didn't come back... READ MORE

Is it possible that healed keloids (flattens with cortisone injection) may return after few months without having injection?

I had four keloids, two on my chest and two on my pubic area. My dermatologist injected cortisone ine them once a month for 5 months. Two months ago,... READ MORE

What method is more effective in controlling or localizing Discloid lupus? Injection or generic Elecon cream?

When I first got diagnosed with discloid lupus my Dr.gave me a generic for Elecon cream, but despite using it daily some of my scars are growing and... READ MORE

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