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Can I Close my Hole Under my Lip That Was Pierced for 1 Year? (photo)

I'm 17 year old male and I got this stupid piercing under my lip when I was 13, and a year later I took it off and it never closed. Now i'm stuck with... READ MORE

What Can Fix This This Hole in my Incision? I've Tried Many Options, Nothing Is Working. (photo)

A year ago, I had a tummy tuck and didn't like the scar. I decided to do a scar revision, but the incision has since not healed. The surgery was... READ MORE

What is the procedure to get a Monroe Piercing hole less noticeable? (photos)

I have had a monroe piercing for 4 years and I took it off 4 years ago. So the hole I still have in my face is there to stay. I am not interested in... READ MORE

Is there a way to close the hole left by a piercing scar? (photos)

I have a piercing scar above my top lip (as shown in picture) and would like to know if there is there any procedure I can have done to close the... READ MORE

I have chicken pox scars. Will I need a cream or a remedy to get rid of them?

I had chiken pox a month ago and the scars wont go there like brown holes do u have mediciene that can help me READ MORE

How to get skin to grow over holes of surface piercing? (photos)

I had a surface piercing on my chest and have had it removed for over a year but the two holes are still dented and look open. Is there any way this... READ MORE

I have three deep holes on my cheek and I was wondering if there is any plastic surgery to help get it fixed (Photo)

I have went to a few doctors here in Toronto and they said that it might be every difficult to get it fixed or if they can they will still live scar... READ MORE

How to remove pock marks?

I believe that I got them from chicken pox when I was around 8 years old. I'm almost 23 and have had to deal with these embarrassing holes in my face.... READ MORE

New Skin Ain't Growing In-spite a Scar Removal Surgery Being Done? (photo)

Its all a result of piercing a chickenpox over nose back in 2006. Got operated with promising results and its been almost a year now with the... READ MORE

Looking for NYC plastic surgeon/derma. to close up two holes under my lip, can you give me a price? (Photo)

Hello, As you can see from the photo I have two small unsightly holes on the bottom of my lip from an old piercing that I want closed immediately. I... READ MORE

I've got a small depressed scar inside my nostril, that looks like a small hole, about 1mm wide, 2mm length? (photo)

I literally fill up the hole with makeup everyday.I've had since i was a teen,10+yrs,due to a pimple that left that awful hole. I have other small... READ MORE

Getting rid of feeding tube hole on stomach?

When I was young, I had to have a feeding tube due to health reasons. I can say I had for about a couple months to a year. Now that I'm older, I still... READ MORE

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