Hair Growth + Scar Removal

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Stitches on Scalp?

Recently I had some stitches on my forehead (vertical) which were also extending about 1.5 inch on my scalp. Now its been a month and it has healed... READ MORE

Wanting to grow out mustache to cover scar on upper lip. Will hair grow where there's scar tissue?

I have a small scar on the center of my upper lip which is fairly visible when i'm shaven, so I thought id go for a stylish moustache in order to... READ MORE

Scar Removal on the Scalp

I have a scar that I got surgically as a child. It from one ear to the top of the head to the other ear. Is there a way to regrow hair in that area or... READ MORE

Will hair grow over a scarred area? if not, is there a way to make it grow? (photo)

I recently fell and cut my lip and above it pretty badly. It is scabbed over so I'm wondering when the scab falls off if hair will grow there. READ MORE

Permanent effects of laser scar treatment - Will hair grow back? (photo)

I have permanent mark on my right side of my face.I want to remove from the laser treatment.what will it costs and is their any problem making laser... READ MORE

I got cut through the middle of my eyebrow. Is there a good over-the-counter treatment or is surgery an option? (photo)

I went to the ER and they put butterfly bandages on it, kept them on until they fell off. Will my hair grow back? I want to know if the hair follicles... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat Hypertrophic scars?

2 years ago, I fell from a bicycle and my right knee scraped on the road and had a big gash. I did not go to a doctor and it healed a year later and... READ MORE

I had an accident 5 years ago and I have scar on my upper lip. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Is there any solution for this, I want to fill dis gap and lip line should be normal and can grow any hair to cover it.please give me any suggestion... READ MORE

I want a scar removal treatment on the area btw my upper lip and nose so that hair also grow normally. Any suggestions? (photo)

My parents told me that when I was very young probably 2 to 3 years old I have had an accident injuring my lip and the area above the upper lip.... READ MORE

What would you recommend for a scar removal from stitches on upper lips? (photos)

Hello, I have stitches on my upper lip. After the stitches are removed, i do not have hair growth in this region and it looks old at this place now.... READ MORE

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