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What is the Best Option for Keloid Scar Removal?

I have scars from a breast augmentation several years ago. After some research, I have found that they may be called keloid scars. What is the best... READ MORE

When Can I Expect My Cheek Scar's Redness to Fade?

Hi, i'm 20 years old caucasian guy. At my age 6 as a result of accident i had a scar on my cheek (1 inch and half long). I don't worry about... READ MORE

Does Retin A Help in a 3 Months Scar Removal or to Fade Out?

I got injected with fillers 3 months ago, got an injury then left scar on my cheek .Although the scar has improved i has nt gone yet.A part of it is... READ MORE

Discoloration caused by milia removal. Will it fade?

My 4 year old child had milia around his eye which has been cut off by his doctor and after the scab removed by it self I noticed discoloration , does... READ MORE

Can I remove self harm scars? (Photo)

I have scars from cutting about a year ago. Most of them are long and white, though some are raised. Most are on my shoulder, and hip. The longest is... READ MORE

Looking Into Scar Removal Please Read My Details. (photos)

I Believe I Have A Hypertrophic Scar ( Not Sure ) I Was Both Cut And Burned With An Knife. I've Tried A lot Of Products Nothings Helped. It Has Faded... READ MORE

Do chickenpox scars fade 100%? (photo)

I have just recovered from chickenpox. But i have some dark scars on my face.I didnt scratch them at all . will they fade away naturally? READ MORE

It's been a year since my breast lift surgery and there's a huge scar under my breasts; dark and raised. Will this fade?

Initially, when I had the surgery, the doctor gave me silicone creams that I applied. My scars remain the same and have not improved one year post... READ MORE

Around 11 months back boiling green tea fell on my legs, leaving me a burn scar. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Burn was completely healed in 6 weeks but scar is not showing any improvement. I don't want to go for any laser treatment. Will it get fade away with... READ MORE

Is this a scar or a PIH / PIE? (photos)

I met with a road accident two weeks back and fell on my chin and the topmost layer was scraped off. My local doctor said it's a superficial injury... READ MORE

What would you recommend for scar reduction post tummy tuck? (photos)

I used to weigh 110 kgs. I lost 30kgs on my own but had hanging belly & couldn't lose further. In Sep 2013, I underwent micro tummy tuck & liposuction... READ MORE

What method of scar revision is needed for an appendix scar that is indented? (photos)

I got my appendix out 7 years ago and now it has healed to a point the scar has faded very light and would not be noticeable if it wasn't for the fact... READ MORE

What is the most effective treatment or procedure to remove or fade these scars? (Photo)

These scars are from childhood injuries (cuts from falling) and I am 34 years old. READ MORE

How to get rid or fade away dog bite scarring on my upper lip from a decade ago? (photos)

When I was younger I was attacked by a dog which left me with permanent scarring on my upper lip (both left and right side) I've tried numerous... READ MORE

How to Remove or Minimize 3 Month-old Scar?

First and only time I have will every deal with self harm!! Please don't give me a lecture as these scars are constant reminder and deterrent to never... READ MORE

Will my baby have scar or it will fade? They say baby heal faster?

My 11 month old Baby slipped in the toilet and the dr had to do a stitches On his left side of the upper cheek about 1 inch because its quite deep.... READ MORE

How to fade scars from IV infiltration on a 6 month old babies foot? (photos)

An IV at an hospital infiltrated my baby's foot at 3 days old. The hospital sent her home with her foot wrapped in gauze and gave antibiotic ointment.... READ MORE

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