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How Much Does a Punch Excision Cost?

Can a punch excision enhance the appearance of a chicken pox scar ? If so, How much does it cost in the U.S ? READ MORE

Does the Punch Excision Treatment for Scarred Pores Work on the Nose?

I have 2 scarred pores on my nose which are very noticeable and resemble icepick scars.Ive tried laser treatments,but that just made things worse. READ MORE

Can my Round Depressed Scars Be Surgically Cut out and Replaced with a Small Line?

You can see from the picture that I have a lot of minor acne scarring and 2 large round chicken pox depressions. The 2 chicken pox scars are very... READ MORE

Best Doctor for a Scar Revision/excision in Los Angeles Area?

I have been thinking about having a scar revised for years. The scar is a result of a punch excision I had done. The procedure I am most considering... READ MORE

Removal Options for Keloid That Grew Back After Surgery?

I have a keloid in my left upper ear. I had surgery but it grew back and it's bigger than before. I want to know what my options are. I really want... READ MORE

Punch Excision with Suturing Best for Ice Pick Scars?

Is punch excision with suturing the best scar removal treatment for ice pick scars? How much time does it take for recovery if the same is done for... READ MORE

Trauma Scar, New Scar and Ice Pick Acne Scars - Excision?

Due old trauma 2 right side of my head in 1998 there is a visible surgical scar. I also have a 3 month old scar on the right side very close/above the... READ MORE

Keloid on Earlobe Excision Removal Surgery Cost? (photo)

I have a keloid bubble on my left earlobe. (It's really small, about 0.23inch) It's been about 8months. I had steroid injections about 4-5times in... READ MORE

Everted Closure Scar Excision? (photo)

I had a scar excision on my face done with everted closure&vertical mattress sutures to keep tension away from the incision line. Then I read that... READ MORE

Is Excision or Subcision the Right Treatment for my Scar? (photo)

I have an atrophic scar as shown on the picture. Apart from being depressed, the texture of the scar is different to normal skin (thinner,... READ MORE

Keloid Between Breasts Extremely Painful, Growing Rapidly and into Breast Tissue. What is Best Course of Treatment?

I've tried steroid injections but didn't work. Dermatologist suggested excision and radiation. Oncologist suggests exhausting all other options first... READ MORE

UPPER LIP SCAR REVISION: WHAT CAN BE DONE? My upper lip scarred after a burn. Cortisone shots did not improve the scar. (photos)

I went to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. The biggest part of the ( burn) scar is approximately in the middle of my upper lip. The rest of the... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have a Facial Scar Excision Redone?

I had a scar excised on my chin/jawline area 2 months ago by a Derm. It looks awful; its hard and there is quite a bit of scar tissue underneath and... READ MORE

My face contain ice perks & chicken pox scar. Would I be a candidate for Z-plasty or excision for 1 time scar removal? (photos)

I have did 4 times of CO2 and 2 times of derma roller. But my face still contain lot of ice perks and chicken pox scar. Does my scar consider deep or... READ MORE

I have a keloid on beard-line that I had excised two times and it came back. What is the best way to treat this scar? (photos)

Both of the surgeries were done without any form of therapy other than topical cream. The original trauma was from a knife puncture wound 1/2 inch... READ MORE

What's the Average Cost of Punch-excision for Large Pores?

I have one large-ish pore (probably no more than 2mm - I'm the one in white) on my cheek that I am looking to get removed. I had a consultation... READ MORE

Will the Scar Post-Op Excision of Scar Tissue Around Umbilical Hernia, Will this Heal Normally? (photo)

My surgeon discovered a small umbilical hernia while I was receiving other cosmetic surgery. She decided to do the hernia repair, and I told her I... READ MORE

Recently Had 3 Excisons Done in Same Area Because Scar Would Keep Stretching but Doctor Didin't Cover it, Normal?

I recently had scar revsion done Dr did a nice job of straightining out scar, But Dr put no coverage over sutures, When i asked him are you going to... READ MORE

How Long After a Facial Scar Excision Can You Start Using Self Tanner/bronzer?

How Long After a Facial Scar Excision Can You Start Using Self Tanner/bronzer? READ MORE

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