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Removing Keloid from Left from Sebaceous Cyst

I'm an African American female. I had a sebaceous cyst removed from chest area 3 years ago. It was 1 and 1/2 in. An itchy keloid developed and... READ MORE

I Have a 3/4 Inch Indented Scar on my Face from a Cyst Removal. Would Subcision Work?

I understand that cysts can leave a depression in the skin but the whole incision is indented? Was this surgical error? I was thinking of trying... READ MORE

Cyst Removal Scar - Can It Be Fixed?

I Had a Cyst Growing Inside my Leg over 25 Yrs Ago As a Result I Had Surgery at the Age of 4, Which Left Me a Ugly Moonshape scar that you can... READ MORE

Uneven White Scar on my Lip From Cyst Removal. How Do I Get Rid of the Scar? (photo)

I had a small cyst on my lip when I was around 13, had it removed (twice!) and was left with a scar. The skin isn't level now, and it's a... READ MORE

Got Cortisone Injection over 2 Years Ago on a Cyst and Still Have the Scar and Discoloration, Options? (photo)

It has been over 2,5 years since i received the cortisone injection on my cheek to reduce a cyst but still have the discoloration and irregular scar... READ MORE

Trying To Find A Plastic Surgeon Who Is Capable Of Removing Scar Tissue And Fixing Scar

Around two years ago I had a cyst removed from my pubic area. The cyst was removed without any problems, but I developed an infection in the incision... READ MORE

Weird Lump on Knuckle Post Laceration That Required Stitches? (photo)

3 weeks ago, I cut my knuckle on my right hand with a scalpel (I work in a lab). I cut it pretty deep (could see bone). Went to ER and doctor stitched... READ MORE

What Treatments Are Available for my Hypertrophic/keloid Scar?

A year ago I formed a cyst below my belly button. I manipulated it more than I should have and did not see a dermatologist for any treatment. It... READ MORE

Did my dermatologist improperly advise me on removal of a cyst, where is there now a deep depression?

A rubbery lump (below the armpit, near my chest) ruptured from weekly shirt friction. A hard interior ejected, then it healed. The lump returned in 10... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a purple scar from a vaginal cyst?

I am prone to getting cysts and infections in my skin, particularly near my vagina. One cyst left a hideous, purple scar on my Labia and it won't go... READ MORE

Had sebaceous cyst removed from face- new bump appears-either recurrence or scar tissue, not sure?

Hi,I had the cyst removed 4 weeks ago. About 2 weeks ago, a raised round bump occurred where my cyst used to be. And it seemed to have jsut happened... READ MORE

My Dermatologist Stated That I Have a Large Cyst on my C Section Scar and She Referral Me to See a Plastic Surgeon?

If I get the cyst remove what are the chance of it coming back .. Do I quality or a panniculectomy.. What doctor take ghi employer is NYC NYPD. READ MORE

Indented wide dark scar from recent cyst removal punch excision by plastic surgeon. Does it look normal? (Photo)

After 7 days, stitches were removed. Scar was light, looked good, small line. Now day 4 since stitches out, line much darker, deeper, wider. PS said... READ MORE

Sacr Reconstruction and Gall Bladder Removal: Possible to Have Both Surgeries at Once?

I am going to have my gallbladder removed but I also need to have a scar reconstruction done on my c-section scar because during my c-section... READ MORE

Uneven Lower Lip Due to Scar Tissue on Inside, What are My Options? (photo)

In 2007 i had a surgery for removing a cyst on the wet part of the lower lip (right side). there were always a little bump and two little white scars... READ MORE

What should I do about a depressed scar with dog ears from cyst excision?

I had a small cyst (0.3 inch diameter) removed from the apple of my cheek, two months ago. The lesion was excised by a plastic surgeon, and now I have... READ MORE

Will playing my clarinet too early after my minor operation to remove a cyst prevent the now present scar tissue healing?

On 22nd October The cyst was removed from my lower lip close to the middle on 22nd October '13. I now have a lump just where my clarinet mouthpiece... READ MORE

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