Craters + Scar Removal

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Belly Button Scar Removal

I got my belly button repierced last May and everything was fine up until like a week ago. A small bump like a pimple formed near it. And I picked it... READ MORE

How to Remove Nose Crater and Stain? (photo)

I pierced my nose about 3 years ago and I've recently outgrown it. I took it out and I am left with a gray stain (which I believe may be Argyria) and... READ MORE

Would an elipse excision be more discrete for ice pick scars? (photo)

I have had these two ice pick scars for years on my cheek. The multiple laser treatments including fraxel have somewhat smoothed the edges after... READ MORE

I have a mark on my face and small keloid scar on my chest. What are my possible treatment options? (photos)

I got chicken pocks when I was 11 years old. I was never vaccinated against it. It left me with this lovely crater in my face. I feel like I would be... READ MORE

What's the most effective way to remove depressed scar without surgery? (Photo)

Hello, a little more than a year ago I had a mole removed from my forehead. As it healed the skin depressed and is now a crater like scar. It is very... READ MORE

Abscess scars, crater scars. Can anything be done? (Photo)

I was an IV drug user for four years. Clean for 5 this year. Now I have to live with my mistakes, but not just for me to see. They are a fixture for... READ MORE

Facial Scars From Chicken Pox That Look Like Craters. What Are My Options For Permanent Removal? (photo)

Hi, i've got a 1 by 1 cm facial scar for close to ten years now plus 2 craters on my forehead from chicken pox. is there an possibility of getting... READ MORE

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