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Cheap Keloid Removal

Im 18 years old i have extremely embarassing keloids for 3 years after getting my ears peirced.They way they are hidden beacuse I have long Dread... READ MORE

Can a Scar Removal Ointment Help Remove a Scar?

Hi! I've been looking for a cheaper way to remove my scar. Can an over the counter ointment such as contractubex helps remove old scar? I can't wear... READ MORE

What is the cheapest and most effective way to remove leg scars that resulted from picking ingrown hairs? (photos)

The problem started when i noticed that i had lots of ingrown hair in my legs after doing ineffective shaving and plucking. Out of panic, i picked the... READ MORE

What is the Cheapest Way to Have Smooth Legs?

If someone has bumps or scars on their legs. How do they clear all that without paying for so much? What is the easiest treatment? READ MORE

What's the cheapest way to get rid of the scar on my lips? (Photo)

I have this scarred lips for almost 6 years now... I think it is due to some tissues that I remove during my childhood.. now, I don't know how to... READ MORE

What is the best way and cheapest way to fix scar? (photos)

Got this scar From a domestic violence relationships. It is lowering my self esteem READ MORE

What are the best cure for scars that are cheap and affordable that can be found in the Philippines?

I have a scar.. i dont know the type of it. But its a raised scar actually. I got it when i was kid. And its been 8 years from now. So my question is.... READ MORE

What Can Be the Most Effective but Also the Cheapest Procedure for Keloid Removal?

I have 2 tiny keloids on my back ( that haven't grown) and two on my chest that have grown off and on for yrs now. One is a little over an inch and... READ MORE

What is the best and cheapest cream that can remove theses scars and dark spots?

I've had these dark spots and scars as long as i can remember I would just like to have nice skin that is all. READ MORE

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