Buttocks + Scar Removal

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Remove Boils and Boil Scars from Bottom

I have alot of scaring on bottom from boils and i also get boils on bottom READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Dark Hyperpigmented Scars from Shaving my Buttocks?

How can I get rid of dark hyperpigmented scars from shaving my buttocks? They've been here like for ever..... and they won't go away. Help? READ MORE

Abscess Scar Removal?

I have a slightly raised, dark scar from an abscess on my right buttock treated a few years ago that I'd like removed. What are my best options? READ MORE

How to Correct Dent in Buttock?

My name is Gerrie and all my life I have had an indent in my right buttock about the size of a 50 cent piece or a little bigger. I have always been... READ MORE

Best Method for Deep Scar Removal?

I had a staph infection about 2 years ago that started as an insect bite or something of the nature on my buttocks. Even after antibiotics the... READ MORE

Payment Plans for Scar Removal?

Basically I was abused as a child, and I have 17 year scars on my buttocks that I'm interested in getting removed so I can move on with my life. I... READ MORE

How to remove black scar from my buttock? (photos)

I'm 25 year old. 5.9 inch at 113 kg weight. i have so much allergy. because of that i have so many itch surround my abdominal area and buttock area.... READ MORE

Ways To Deal with Hypertrophic Scars?

About a year ago, I got a mole removed through excision from my left butt cheek. It healed into a hypertrophic scar about 1cm in diameter. The other... READ MORE

How to Remove Large Burn Scar on Butt? (photo)

I got burnt by a heater when I was a baby. And my left side of my butt cheek is burned and I'm 18 now. I want to know is there anywhere I can repair... READ MORE

Can I get these 2 scars removed after Butt Augmentation? (photo)

I had butt augmentation and now I have a scar on each butt cheek? Are these type of scars remove able? Thank you!!! READ MORE

What can be done for a cosmetic defect of the buttocks donor site from a full-thickness skin graft? (photo)

Several years ago I had 2 full-thickness skin grafts both taken from under my buttocks for scar revision elsewhere on my body. From what I know of... READ MORE

Laser treatment for burn scar? (photo)

I live near SF/oakland CA. i have a hot water burn scar on thigh/buttocks. some of the area was 2nd degree. most of the scarred area isn't raised or... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my scars from my body rejecting butt injections? (photos)

I had gotten illegal butt injections . My body rejected it ,on both sides . One side I have a dark mark the other side is a huge indented scar . I... READ MORE

Vaginal/Buttock Scars from MRSA? (photo)

Scars and discoloration from boils from MRSA approx 10 years ago. Scars are inflated and deep. Tried kojic acid,obaji,hydroquine 4%. Laser treatments... READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Scars in my Butt?

When i was in highschool, i was accidentally scratch it, i used different scars removal cream but it useless. i dont know what to do to remove it. READ MORE

I Have a Scar on my Butt Cheek and It Looks Like One Cheek has Massive Cellulite? Would a Butt Lift Be a Good Investment ?

When i was younger I was beat with a large belt buckle, it ripped off all the skin on my left butt cheek and has always been visible scar. With age... READ MORE

How Can I Remove a Burn Scar my Back Leg? Also a Scar Around my Butt Cheek? (photo)

I burn my back thigh with a curling iron 2 burns on both leg .I want to remove it asap please help!! What can i use? READ MORE

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