Bottom Lip + Scar Removal

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Lip Piercing Scar Removal? Is It Possible to Remove or REDUCE a Scar Left by a Past Piercing?

I had gotten my bottom left lip pierced in early 2007. I removed the jewelry about fourteen months later, around mid 2008, and I noticed that a scar... READ MORE

How to Remove Scar from Wart Removal?

10 years ago, I had gone through removing warts electrically from my lips that produced 2 scars. One on my upper lip which is small on the left side,... READ MORE

Can Punch Excision Surgery Be Used to Treat a Lip Piercing Scar?

I have a scar that looks like a hole in my middle lower lip from a lip piercing. The hole is right below the vermillion line. I was wondering if punch... READ MORE

Non-surgical Way to Even out Lower Lip Scar Tissue?

I was involved in accident in October 2008. My lower lip was injured. Now my bottom lip is uneven due to scar tissue. I wanted to know, is there... READ MORE

Can I Close my Hole Under my Lip That Was Pierced for 1 Year? (photo)

I'm 17 year old male and I got this stupid piercing under my lip when I was 13, and a year later I took it off and it never closed. Now i'm stuck with... READ MORE

5 Years Ago I Got into a Accident and I Bit into my Bottom Lip Now on the Right Side of my Lip There's a Round Scar and a Bump?

5 years ago I got into a accident and I bit into my bottom lip now on the right side of my lip there's a round scar and a bump I can't to get my lips... READ MORE

Tissue scar on my lower lip from dog bite, what is the best way to remove it? (photo)

On 1/1/2014 ( just a few days ago) My dog bit me on my lower lip. Now I have a scar under the lip line and a bulge from inside my lip where the cut... READ MORE

What kind of lip surgery do I need to fix this lip scar bump on my bottom lips? (photo)

When I was 14 years old I fell while roller stating and bit through my bottom lip. I never got stitches my parents just let it heal on it's own. Till... READ MORE

I have this white Scar on my lower lip that makes me so self conscious I've had it for years. How do i get rid of it? (photo)

I have this White Scar on my lower lip that makes me so self conscious I've had it for years. How do i get rid of it? READ MORE

Removing Lip Scar/patch? (photo)

How can I get rid of white patches on my lower lip. It happened due to game accident and has been there for 1 year now READ MORE

Can the white scar on my bottom lip be removed? (photo)

On the picture shown you see a white bump. I saw that it was white and I thought it was a wart. So I kept ripping it off for about a year. This year I... READ MORE

Can I have lump removed from lower lip?

I fell iff my bike almost two years ago and I never received stitches but it left a hard lump on lower lip. READ MORE

Lip Reconstruction Surgery? (photo)

Approximately, 9 years ago I had fainted and fallen. I had busted open my lip, went to the ER and got stitches. Never did heal properly. I have a huge... READ MORE

Can an old scar on my bottom lip be removed?

When I was 10 I got in a fight and my enemy threw the first punch which caused my tooth to hit my bottom lip . The impact was kinda strong and my... READ MORE

Lip or face sunscreen?

Just had stitches removed from my bottom lip to just under my lip (smack in the middle). I was told to put sunscreen to protect from the sun. Do I use... READ MORE

Removing Keloid from Bottom Lip?

I am an African American woman who has a small keloid scar on my bottom lip from an accident. I know my case might be rare, but is it possible to have... READ MORE

I have a lower lip scar from my tooth puncturing my skin. How can I get rid of it? (photos)

Ive done mederma, keto cote, scar guard, bio oil, cocoa butter, and scar guard bandage like strips. I keep getting denied any help or surgery because... READ MORE

Will playing my clarinet too early after my minor operation to remove a cyst prevent the now present scar tissue healing?

On 22nd October The cyst was removed from my lower lip close to the middle on 22nd October '13. I now have a lump just where my clarinet mouthpiece... READ MORE

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