Boil + Scar Removal

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Remove Boils and Boil Scars from Bottom

I have alot of scaring on bottom from boils and i also get boils on bottom READ MORE

I Have a Deep Scar Right in The Middle of my Forehead I Want to Get Rid of It?

There was a boil kind of thing on my head It last from a couple weeks. About 2 months. It vanished but left a dark scar on my forehead which looks wierd READ MORE

I popped my boil and it left a scar. What do I do to get rid of it? (Photo)

I popped my boil and it left a scar and this scar popped up what do I do to get rid of it READ MORE

How do I get rid of this boil scar? (photos)

I got a really bad boil on my face over 2 months ago. It took 1 month for wound to heal over, and now almost 2 months for the redness to go away.... READ MORE

Vaginal/Buttock Scars from MRSA? (photo)

Scars and discoloration from boils from MRSA approx 10 years ago. Scars are inflated and deep. Tried kojic acid,obaji,hydroquine 4%. Laser treatments... READ MORE

I have a depressed scar on the right cheek on account of a boil. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I had a boil, which was a very freak incident which just occured over night. The boil initially caused redness of the skin and then it inflamed. By... READ MORE

Terrible scarring on inner thighs from years of boils/bumps/blackheads. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

Now 22, I can't remember a time that I wasn't embarrassed by my inner thigh scarring. What once used to be riddled with boils and acne is now ugly... READ MORE

How do I get rid of a lumped boil scar?

I got the scars 2 years ago from boils. How do I get rid of them? READ MORE

How do I remove boils from my buttocks and underarms?

I have suffered with this for years. It dictates every moment of my life. I sweat heavily and I am guessing my pores get clogged. I can't use dial... READ MORE

Cure for boil?

I have two boils right on my buttock, not exactly in the crack but close to it. so they came to head last night after I put some toothpaste on them.... READ MORE

Is it possible for a dark red mark on the chin from a boiling water burn into a scar?

Hi, the other day I came out with a large blind pimple on my chin. To try to draw it out, I boiled the kettle and poured some of the boiling water... READ MORE

A tumbler of boiling water and eucalyptus oil fell over me and my thighs got bad burns. Any suggestions? (photos)

3 months after the incident, I am looking at ugly scars on both my thighs. 1. Is Laser treatment going to help here? 2. I have been applying silicone... READ MORE

I had a boil on my right cheek in 2009 and was treated by Plastic Surgeon. Any suggestions? (photos)

On 6 Apr 2015, I had a Scar Revision procedure by Plastic Surgeo. See second pic After one week, I had an infection in that and the plastic surgeon... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these bumpy boil scars? (Photo)

I grew a boil on the side of my face and it went away in a couple weeks it was really ugly. Weeks later I got another one on my forehead but now I... READ MORE

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