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Reducing a Flat, Dark Scar from Iron Burn

Hello, I have a flat, old (4 months) burn scar from an iron that I am desperately wanting to reduce. It is very smooth compared to the surrounding... READ MORE

Black Spot Treatment for Arms, Legs and Thighs?

I have a lot of black spots on my legs, arms, and thighs since I was young. People were constantly telling me that they will clear off with time, but... READ MORE

How to Treat Keratosis Pilaris Scars?

I have scars on my upper arms caused by keratosis pilaris and/or acne. They are several dark brown spots. What is the best scar removal method to... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Old White Hot Water Burn Scar?

So I was accidentally scalded by hot water when I was about 6 months old. I'm 18 years old now and I still have scarring on my chest/upper arm and... READ MORE

Scar Revision for 7-inch Scar from Car Accident?

I have about a 7-inch scar on the underside of my forearm, do you think I would benefit from scar revision? It is from a car accident Aug. 2009. This... READ MORE

Scar Treatment for 27 Year Old, 3rd Degree Burn Scars?

I am 30 years old and was in a house fire when I was 3. I have third degree burns over my face arms and knees. I have had skin grafts but I am... READ MORE

Possible to Surgically Remove Self-inflicted Burn Scars on Arms?

I have a couple very embarrassing self-inflicted burn scars on my arms. One is on my forearm and cannot be easily covered up so I am desperate to get... READ MORE

What Procedures/treatments Are Effective at Treating Hypopigmented Scars from Cutting?

I have several old hypopigmented vertical line scars on my forearms from cutting. They are still so noticeable that I have worn cardigans every summer... READ MORE

DMSO or Preparation H for Keloid Treatment?

I have a large keloidsd on my chest, face, back, legs, arms, and breasts. They get infected with boils and are very painful. I take meds for the... READ MORE

Silicone Sheets for Raised Red Scar from BCG Injection?

Hi, I am a 36-year-old Asian male who had BCG injection when I was a child. The injection left me with a raised red scar that stretches about 3 inches... READ MORE

Harder to Treat a Burn Scar?

I have a third degree burn on my arm that hasn't really diminished over time like some of my other scars from various cuts, scrapes and surgeries.... READ MORE

Surgical Scar on Arm - Most Effective Procedure and Cost?

I had microsurgery and had my tendons fixed after an basketball injury involving a garage window 5 years ago. There is a scar on my arm from the... READ MORE

How to Remove Scar from Arm Reduction Surgery?

I had an arm reduction surgery and the scar is heavy. How can it be treated? The scar seems to have a lot of tissue or fat with loose skin. I need to... READ MORE

Treatment of Third Degree Burns Scar

When i was 9 months old, i dropped a kettle of boiling water on myself. As a result, i had severe third degree burns on my chest, face, neck and right... READ MORE

Does Insurance Cover Hypertrophic Scar Removal?

I have 7 hypertrophic scars on my arm. They're almost a year old. They constantly itch, no matter what type of cream I put on it. They itch to the... READ MORE

How to Remove Burn Scar Due to Branding?

My husband "branded" a Z on his arm when he was in highschool and now he has an ugly scar. The skin has raised & bubbled. Can this be... READ MORE

Scar Removal for Bad Staph Scars?

I've had staph for about 10 years, and it seems to be gone now, but I have really bad scars on my face, arms, and legs. I just want the ones on my... READ MORE

Skin Graft Scar Removal Options and Cost for African Americans?

I have a 15-inch long, 6-inch wide skin graft scar on my left bicep caused by 2nd and 3rd degree road rash in a car accident. The donor site is my... READ MORE

Scar Removal for Third Degree Burn?

I'm 26 years old and I have a 3rd degree burn scar on my right arm. It is from an accident seven years ago. They are almost red in color because I... READ MORE

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