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Insurance Coverage for Constantly Itching and Inflammed Scars?

I have numerous small dot scars on my legs and arms. I have used Scar Zone which has helped on my arms. But I believe I have way too many scars on... READ MORE

How Successful is Keloid Removal, What are Chances of it Returning? (photo)

I have a keloid on my ankle that has been there for about ten years or so. It is the size of a quarter. I have heard about keloids resurfacing after... READ MORE

How to get rid of flat discolored scars that have shiny texture?

I have a two scars on my ankle from an injury they appear to like bruises but they have a shiny texture. Any treatment that can minimize the effect?... READ MORE

What is the possible diagnosis of this dark lesion on my ankle? (photo)

I has been there a few months and occured after using treatment for ringworm on my ankle. it is flat and smooth, but just much darker ive attached a photo READ MORE

Flat and disclored scars: Will they fade or can they be removed?

Hello I asked the question before but I did not attached a photo. So I have a flat dislcolored scar with an shiny texture if u see it in certain... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Scar Tissue Build Up on Ankle from Opening Same Incision 4 Times?

I had ankle surgery 8/24/11, another surgery 3 months later, 11/23/11. On 5/24/12 they did a revision, The last surgery was 4/2/13 they removed the... READ MORE

Can a 35 Year Old Cut Become Swollen and Painful?

I have a cut behind my ankle, had stitches. All of a sudden the cut is swollen and painful, it hurts to walk properly READ MORE

I Have a 2nd or 3rd Degree Burn That is a Year Old, Which Blisters and Requires Cortisone Cream and the Scar is Ugly? (photo)

A year ago I received a burn the size of a quarter. It blistered and my skin came off immediately. The gaping wound closed on its own a month later... READ MORE

How To Go About Leg, Knee, and Ankle Scar Removal and How to Heal Faster?

I recently got over a very horrible injury. Now, I have a huge scar on my leg, and two medium scars on my ankle and knee. Since I'm very tan, its the... READ MORE

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