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Best Hypertrophic Scar Treatment?

Basically, 2 years ago, I was playing football with friends, fell bad, and got this really bad "cut/gash" on my knee.It eventually turned... READ MORE

Does Contractubex Gel Work for Scars?

I had an accident 1 month ago and i had to go to hospital for 20 stiches on my forehead. now i rub contractubex twice a day -- will that remove my scar? READ MORE

Treatment for Deep Leg Scar?

I have a deep and very bad scar on my leg, which I had since childhood. I had chemical peel and laser but it still won't go. What are my other options? READ MORE

How Long Should I Usually Use Epi-Derm Scar Sheets?

I am using Biodermis Epi-Derm sheets recommended by my doctor for my Tummy Tuck scar. He says I will need to wear them for 6-9 months. This seems to... READ MORE

Scar Removal from Breast Augmentation

Is there any solution to repairing a scar from a breast augmentation incision? It's a 1/2 inch long, my breast looks great but that tiny scar ruins them. READ MORE

Reducing Hyperpigmentation from Burn Scars?

Okay so I'm 17 years old and last summer, I was burned from hot oil on both of my arms. I had 2nd and some 3rd degree burns on a good portion of both... READ MORE

Punch Excision on Old Chicken Pox Scars Only Created New Scars

My surgeon used a dermal punch and closed each excision with 2 stitches. I am concerned that after six months the new scars are depressed and actually... READ MORE

Is There a Corrective Procedure for Rectangle Scars Caused from IPL Laser Burns?

2 years ago (8/08) I had IPL laser treatment to remove freckling on my chest at a "Medical Spa". The tech. apparently did NOT know what she... READ MORE

Hyper Pigmented Scars; am I Going in the Right Direction for Treatment? (photo)

Hello Doctors, Over 15 years, due to dermatillomania, I scratched my wounds and created skin deep hyperpigmented scars. I'm under a scar removal... READ MORE

When Do Suture Marks Disappear After Scar Revision?

What sould I do? I have read about a lot of diffrent time frames: 3-5, 4-6, even some 3-8 days for facial suture removal. Which instance fits my... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Removal After Tendon Repair to Index Finger

Scar tissue formed and prevented bending of the finger, so I had scar tissue removed from the knuckle and bottom of finger 4 months later. A year... READ MORE

How Can I Help Flatten Raised Bumps from a Recent Circumcision?

HI, I was circumcised 5 weeks ago. The right side is fine and flat, but the scar line on the left is very red, raised and bumpy. Because the scar line... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve the Skin Lightening After a Keloid Injection?

I had a very small keloid on my chest (no bigger than an inch). I got it injected with steroids and it is now completely flat however the skin there... READ MORE

Best Method for Deep Scar Removal?

I had a staph infection about 2 years ago that started as an insect bite or something of the nature on my buttocks. Even after antibiotics the... READ MORE

Scar Removal Products After Mole Removal?

I have had a mole removed and it has left a dark patch on my skin. I think it's now a scar. Can you recommend any scar removal products to lighten... READ MORE

Indentation After Steroid Injection to Remove Hypertrophic Scar

Two years ago, I had a mole on my thigh removed by laser. Unfortunately, it grew back into a different color so I went to a different dermatologist.... READ MORE

I Just Got Scar Revision (Punch Excision) for an Icepick Scar, but Now my Scar is Raised. What Now?

I was told that punch excision plus dermabrasion would help a few of my icepick and boxcar scars. i had one scar done and now my scar is raised and... READ MORE

What Treatments Are There for Ingrown Hair Scars on Breasts?

I am currently having laser hair removal around my nipples but up till now I have been plucking the hairs which caused some ingrown hairs. A couple... READ MORE

How to Remove Red Surgery Scar on Neck?

I had hyperparathyroid surgery over three years ago. Ever since I have a 3.5 inch visible red scar on my neck. The unfortunate part about it beyond... READ MORE

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