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Can Radiesse Fill the Dent Left After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 8 months ago and my PS said that my cartilage had shifted a little. He recommended using Radiesse to fill in the dent on the one... READ MORE

What Mental Exercises Are Good for Rhinoplasty Depression?

How long does depression last after surgeries like rhinoplasty? How common is it for patients too feel even more depressed about their looks after... READ MORE

Make Pug Nose Look Beautiful?

What rhinoplasty technique is used for making a pug nose drop down a little bit? Will the bridge have to be flattened? Is cartilage added to the tip... READ MORE

What Kind of Questions Should I Ask During my Consultation with a Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

What do I need to know about rhinoplasty surgery? What kind of questions should I ask about the surgeon? How many surgeons should I consult? READ MORE

What Rhinoplasty Surgeon Credentials Should I Look for to Avoid Complications?

What would be some good questions to ask the surgeon during consults? READ MORE

How Widespread Will the Bruising Be After my Rhinoplasty?

What areas of the face should I expect it to spread? eye area? cheeks? neck? READ MORE

Why do patients need to stop using Accutane 6-12 months before a rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty revision?

What are the problems that could occur if I'm on Accutane during a rhinoplasty revision? READ MORE

What is the Average Cost for Rhinoplasty on a Hispanic Female?

(Rhinoplasty regarding a broken nose as a kid, that is really crooked now) READ MORE

What Question to I Ask to Find the Rhinoplasty Expert for Me?

How many surgeries would a physician have to complete to be considered an expert? READ MORE

Will Oxygen Mask Used During Surgery Affect my Rhinoplasty Results?

I stopped breathing during surgery. The oxygen mask was pressed pretty hard against my face and the surgeon said he is afraid some of the work may... READ MORE

Is a nose that is off centered with the midline of the face fixable?

About 10 months ago I had double jaw surgery which was due to a crossbite. My nose is now off centered with my face. The left nostril droops and is... READ MORE

How Long to Wait for Rhinoplasty After Laproscopic Surgery to Remove Ovarian Cysts?

I was planning on having rhinoplasty. Then it was discovered, I have ovarian cysts that need to be removed. I have endometriosis and have had two... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty surgery time- is it important?

If a surgeon does a surgery in 1-1:30 hours does it mean he is careless OR better? I heard people bragging about how a surgeon spends 4 hours in... READ MORE

Why do I have a dorsal hump? (Photo)

I broke my nose a week ago and had a small bump on the right side. I went to see an ENT and she put me under general anaesthesia and manipulated my... READ MORE

Does my daughter require medical attention for a broken nose?

My forearm hit my daughter's nose while goofing around last night. No nose bleed, no bruising or black eyes (as yet), but her nose appears to be... READ MORE

Is it best to get veneers before rhinoplasty or before?

My surgery is scheduled for the 18th of December, is it best to get veneers before or after my surgery? Or is there no difference? READ MORE

Why does my nose look like this? (photos)

Hi. So everytime I take a picture my left side (right side of the picture) looks so weird. It doesn't look smooth as my right side. When I touch it I... READ MORE

Nasal abscess left me without cartilage in my nose, what is the best surgery for me?

After an abscess in my nose when I was 7 years old I was left with no cartilage. This caused severe dip within my nose . I underwent surgery to try... READ MORE

Which one should I get done first: upper jaw surgery or rhinoplasty?

I have a deviated septum and it's pretty hard for me to breathe. I also have a short upper jaw and from my research upper jaw surgery can improve your... READ MORE

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