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Boxy Tip Versus Round Tip. Advice Needed ASAP!

Hi I'm getting rhinoplasty in 8 days and my doctor said he'd like to refine my tip by suturing the spaced-far-apart cartilages together to... READ MORE

The tip of my nose is square and I was wondering if suture reshaping would give it a triangular shape? (Photo)

I would like my nose tip to have a more triangular shape instead of this square/bulbous tip. I do not want a full rhinoplasty and was wondering what... READ MORE

Will I Need Additional Work on my Nose Other Than Something Like the Alarplasty for a Pleasing Result? (photo)

My nostrils seem too wide for my features. The outside of my nostrils don't line up w/ the inner corner of my eyes & they seem somewhat square in... READ MORE

Rectangular Head Shape/Droopy Face After Surgery?

Hi. I had rhinoplasty 5 days ago. Day 1 my cheeks, lips, jaw looked the same. Day 2 there was a swelling around eyes & cheeks. Day 2 my whole face... READ MORE

My nose is crooked, I can only see it in photos. My nose is also wide and square. My eyes are a mess. What can be done? (photo)

I have always hated my nose. It is wide and flat & my face is so square too. A few years ago I had a friend take a photo of me & I noticed in the... READ MORE

Jaw surgery revision, rhinoplasty or both to fix my profile? (Photo)

I had a jaw surgery a year ago to fix my underbite. Since then my face had changed totally. My bite is fine now but I don't look better. I used to... READ MORE

Do I need Jaw implants and a Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I know I have a descent jaw (see picture), but I would really like to get the square face. My surgeon said implant will be good as it will last me... READ MORE

What procedure in order to improve transition nose/forehead? (photos)

In my opinion, the upper part of my nose projects too much into my forehead (marked with the square; more noticeable if you look at small version of... READ MORE

In what scenarios does a doctor perform a vertical osteotomy?

Do doctors ever perform this surgery for a patient wanting to vertically lengthen their square-shaped face? Would a plastic surgeon accept this... READ MORE

Bridge has flat/square appearance one month after rhinoplasty?

I am one month post-op and am a little concerned. I am happy with the general shape of my nose but the specific area where I used to have a nasal hump... READ MORE

Can flat spot on nose bridge prior to rhinoplasty be reconstructed with grafts?

This is probably going to sound like a strange question but I had a flat spot on my nose bridge before surgery and my surgeon rounded off my nose... READ MORE

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