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Am I a good candidate for a nose job? I want to slim down my nose and my flaring nostrils (Photo)

I want to know whether I am a good candidate for a nose job. I want a slimmer tip and don't want my nostrils to flare when I smile . I like the length... READ MORE

Will my nose & nostrils be as slim as they were before? I am so depressed & regretful right now, I looked prettier before. photo

I wanted small changes and the result has effected my whole face. I wanted a small bump shaved down on the side of my bridge and the tip refined so it... READ MORE

i want to make my nose slim, options? (photo)

My nose is not look good sir plz help me.... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for dorsal augmentation? My nose is infantile in appearance (Photo)

I am a mid-twenties caucasian female with no prior surgical or cosmetic procedures. I am insecure about the "infantile" appearance of my nose, and how... READ MORE

Can my rhinoplasty look similar to this? Is it difficult to reduce the size of my nostrils? (Photo)

I want my nose slimmer and my tip contoured!! It is flat and wide and points down. Do I have a wide bridge?? And is reducing the size of nostrils very... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a slimmer nose? (photos)

I've always wanted to know how I would look with a slimmer nose. Can you guys help me? I'm attaching a picture. Thank you in advance! READ MORE

Is it possible to get my dream nose? (Photo)

I have a big nose. I would like a slimmer and pointier nose would that be possible? READ MORE

Will rhinoplasty give me a slimmer nose? (photos)

My nose needs a lot of work. It's wide bulbous, uneven and i have thick skin. I know, from extensive research that I need an osteotomy, alar base... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to get my ideal nose? (photos)

I've always wanted to change my nose but, I'm not to sure if I'll be able to achieve the exact nose that I want. My nose is kind of oddly shaped. Its... READ MORE

What would you recommend to make my nose slimmer and smaller? (photo)

I have a chubby nose ... i want to know what to do to make it look slimmer and smaller...!!!? READ MORE

I'm considering either Full Rhinoplasty or an Alar Base or Tip Reduction - what surgery would be best to improve my nose? photos

I would like to improve and slim the look of my nose - specifically the bottom portion -but would like to do so - if possible - with the least... READ MORE

What happens to skin after tip is trimmed and slimmed?

Is my ideal nose possible? The tip is considerably shaped/ taken back, less round. What procedures *may* be used? I know it's hard to make a guess... READ MORE

What type of Rhinoplasty would work for me? (photos)

I dont like my nose. It hangs off my face and has no real shape. I dont want the bridge to me lowered too much but the bulb is very big and round and... READ MORE

Would a slimmer nose make my face look out of proportion ? (Photo)

I want a rhino and did my research and I'm ready to get it done but I need a final opinion . I have a fleshy tip and my nose is long . READ MORE

Can I do a Rhinoplasty on a oil and thick skinned nose to make it appear narrow in the sides? (photos)

I have a oily and thick nasal skin.i prefer to do a nose job.. Will it be effective on my case? I'd love to narrow the bridge and i'm not worried... READ MORE

Is there any possibility to narrow the bones on my face to create a slimmer and long nose?

I had a nose augmentation last month & still swollen. I'm not quite happy with it yet as because i notice there isn't much change to it. I have a more... READ MORE

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