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Correction Possible for my Dorsal Hump?

I have a hump on my nose and I want to get it removed. Is my nose a candidate for only the removal of the hump or would more work be recommended? With... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Nose to Look the Same Size 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?(photo)

I had septo-rhinoplasty surgery 15 days ago. The aim of the surgery was to straighten the septum, and also to remove a large dorsal hump, raise the... READ MORE

Suture Needle Size?

Hi, this might be a little bit of a technical question. Often a so called 4-0 suture is mentioned on many of your rhinoplasty websites, which is a... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty - Will My Nose Size Increase?

After rinhoplasty feeling nose is small why and when will come large? READ MORE

Which Nose Looks More Suitable on Me? I'm So Stressed. I've Been to 5 Consultations (photo)

So the nose one the right a girl on realself morphed that for me. While the other one my PS morphed. I feel like the PS morph makes my nose still... READ MORE

At 1 Month Post Op Can my Nose Get Smaller? I Dont Want It To.

Hello, I had my rhinoplasty 1 month ago, I had my tip refined and rotated and although my bone was not broken I am still a little swollen in the... READ MORE

What Age Can I Get Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am 14 at the moment but I will be 15 at the beginning of May. I've always hate my nose, more than anything. I've always thought I was decently... READ MORE

Can I expect any change in size, projection and collumella hang? (Photo)

I am 4.5 months post nose is still projected in the tip area much more than i would ever prefer and my collumella hangs low. Can i expect... READ MORE

Is it possible to make your nose straight without changing the shape or size?

I'm pretty good with my size of my nose and shape, however its just the nose goes sideways, and I keep trying to decide what to do, go with fillers or... READ MORE

What would be a fitting nose to improve my facial balance? (photos)

I am considering rhinoplasty to balance/enhance my facial features. I am not happy with the size and shape of my nose ( from my viewpoint) I would... READ MORE

Could one Rhinoplasty reduce the size of my nose? (photo)

I am in need of a septoplasty but I thought this might be a good opportunity to maybe consider getting rhinoplasty at the same time. With the... READ MORE

How much can a rhinoplasty change nose shape overall? (Photo)

I have been wanting a rhinoplasty for a long time, and plan on getting one as soon as I have braces removed. My question is how much can I change my... READ MORE

Can I reduce my nose size? (photos)

I accidently asked this before it was done so if you see a similar question... That's why. Anyway I was wondering if there was a way to reduce my nose... READ MORE

Is it possible after swelling, for the nose tip to reduce from 2.75 centimeters in width to 1.75 centimeters in width?

My nose tip looks ridiculous at 2.5 almost 3 months post is so round and fat it would have to decrease in size by 1 centimeter in width to be... READ MORE

I agreed to a nose the same size as the one I had. I did not get a nose the same size or length of my nose. Can an ENT help?

But got a crushed graft without my permission on tip anyway which lengthened a nose that should not be lengthened. I was supposed to just have an... READ MORE

Recently had rib cartilage rhinoplasty revision where a lot more rib than I wanted was put on. When is the earliest I can remove

For my 3rd surgery I needed support on left mid vault. PS recommended rib cartilage but ended up putting it on whole bridge, and tip. It is really... READ MORE

Getting a crooked nose straightened without changing the nose shape or size? (Photo)

I abslouletly used to love my nose and got endless compliments for it until I fell right on my face, right away I saw a bump on my nose but looking at... READ MORE

Is the size of my nose was the right size for my face?

These grafts eblared and lengthened a nose that did not need to be changed. This is why all of my grafts need to come out and waiting even another... READ MORE

2 months post op Rhinoplasty, will my nose shape and size change? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty 2months ago but i dont know how much swelling is left and will my nose shape and size will change ??and im not sure that my nose now... READ MORE

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