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Augmented Rhinoplasty and Sinus Surgery at the Same Time?

I have a low bridge that I want to be higher and a bulbous nose that I want to me nicer shaped. I also want to be know if it will be ok to have a... READ MORE

Does Rhinoplasty Improve Sinus Reaction?

Does having a Rhinoplasty help improve your sinus reactions? I have bad sinuses and I am hoping after the rhinoplasty, I will get that benefit as well... READ MORE

Huge Nose, High Bridge and Uneven Nostrils After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi, I had an endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty and rhinoplasty done three weeks ago on the same day. I wake up with a huge nose even though I... READ MORE

Can Chronic Sinus Headaches Without Congestion Be a Symptom of an Infected Implant?

I had a functional rhinoplasty in May to repair a deviated septum and for the last month, I've had chronic headaches that nothing will relieve.... READ MORE

I Have Sinus Pressure, Can I Get Rhinoplasty?

I have a bump on the bone of my nose, i think thats whats causing the sinus pressure. i get real bad headaches, & they last for at least 2 days.... READ MORE

Do I Need to See a Plastic Surgeon or ENT for a Rhinoplasty Mishap?

I had rhinoplasty a year ago. Three weeks after surgery I injured my nose and it has not healed correctly, is more crooked and my sinus headaches are... READ MORE

I Had a Rhinoplasty Surgery, but After 3years, I am Suffering from Sinus Problem Allergy, cold, cough?

After taking medicine it is cured but after 1 week it again cause problem,what to do ,how to cure it??plz help READ MORE

Can silicon implant in nose cause headache and dizziness?

During jogging I find a lot of mucus in my nose, could it be a sign of my implant going bad or sinus inflammation(I have sinus inflammation )?thanks. READ MORE

Sinus Rinse Wont Go Through?

I am 6 days post op (Rhinoplasty with terminectomy and septoplasty). I wasn't told to sinus rinse until I called today in agony. Pressure, mucus, NO... READ MORE

What is the Problem with This Nose? is It Possible to Perform a Nose Job for It? (photo)

My friend went to an ENT doctor for a rihnoplasty but the dr said he have problems in the Paranasal sinuses and askd him for x-ray,after the x ray the... READ MORE

Hit Sinus After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 12 days ago, and the result just prefect I love my new nose, but what happened today I was picking my eye (left one) and I hit the... READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty is It Possible It Can Cause an Obstruction in the Sinus Cavities Resulting in Causing Silent Sinus Syndrome..

My wife had Rhinoplastic operation on her nose, her eye lid drooped down and she was admitted into the hospital. And was diagnosed with Chronic... READ MORE

1 year on from septoplasty and turbinate reduction, constant sinus pressure, headaches and blocked nose. Has the surgery failed?

Hi, I had the procedure a year ago and recovered well. While I still experienced allergies, the pressure and blocked up sensation seemed to be... READ MORE

Injury three years after full rhinoplasty, how much damage can I expect?

At work, a broom type handle, that's a bit more hollow and thankfully less heavy, fell square on the upper right side of my nose. It immediately left... READ MORE

I went to a ENT and the middle part of my nose has a hole and it keeps getting bigger. Any suggestions?

Ive done everything he has told me like washing it out with sinus rinse and he gave me a cream to put it my nose and now he told me to mix he sinus... READ MORE

Is it safe to use my Clarsonic cleansing device after sinus surgery/ correction of deviated septum?

I am inquiring if it is alright to use my Clarsonic for cleansing my face ( did not use it on my nose) after having sinus surgery and my deviated... READ MORE

Is there any procedure to treat the skin around my nose that is stretching above my sinus canals. They are puffy.

Is their and procedure for the bulging around my nose. It is right above my sinus canal. I suffered from sinus all my life. Any kind of laser or... READ MORE

Can anything be done to stop my left sinus from closing when I lay down to sleep? I've tried strips. It's not the nostrils.

I had a previous rhinoplasty. Now whenever I sleep especially if I roll onto my left side my sinus will close completely and the pressure will wake me... READ MORE

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