Sedation + Rhinoplasty

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Twilight Sedation Vs General Anesthesia for Septo-rhinoplasty?

I need Septoplasty for medical reasons. I am planning to combine Rhinoplasty with it. One surgeon I consulted said that he uses general anesthesia... READ MORE

Twilight Sedation Vs General Anesthesia for Rhinoplasty?

Is Twilight sedation a better choice than general for Rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Possible to Have Rhinoplasty While Patient is Awake?

The thing holding me back is apprehension about anesthesia. I'm terrified to be intubated, and twilight carries its own risks. I read that certain... READ MORE

Does a Doctor Put a Person to Sleep to Fix a Broken Nose Bridge?

Hy daughter was hot on the left side of her nose friday and it broke the nose bridge,will the doctor put her to sleep to fix it. she is 13 years old. READ MORE

I Want my Nose Shaped Without General Anaesthetic. What is Conscious Sedation with Noseplasty?

I want to have my nose shaped and don't want a general anaesthetic. I was told by plastic doctors that I must have it done with general aneasthetic... READ MORE

Local Anestesia with Sedation For Rhinoplasty?

I'm really considering rhinoplasty and I've read lots os info about the procedure and most of the doctors in my area use local anesthesia with... READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty under IV sedation a painful procedure?

I'm scheduled for an open rhinoplasty under IV sedation in a couple of weeks; I've read somewhere that you can feel some discomfort/ pain during the... READ MORE

Around How Much Would Narrowing the Nostrils and a Slight Tip Refinement Cost (If Possible, Under Local with Sedation)?

Could this be done under local with sedation? I have had rhinoplasty once before, and although I am content with the new shape of my nose, I still... READ MORE

Are Patients Always Sedated with an IV when Performing Rhinoplasty Under Local Anesthesia?

I'm scheduled for rhinoplasty next Wednesday under local anesthesia. I've read several posts that it's very painful while the local anesthesia is... READ MORE

Can I safely have a Rhinoplasty under conscious sedation if I have PVCs?

I have a rhinoplasty scheduled next month, and I recently saw a doc for my PVCs. I had a short EKG (which showed nothing), and wore a 24-hour holter... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a Rhinoplasty under local anesthesia with IV sedation?

I'm 19 year old and I have been thinking about fixing my nose for the last couple of years. The tip of nose is very round, as well as wide. When I... READ MORE

Who should administer conscious sedation? I'm scheduled to have rhinoplasty and chin augmentation

I am scheduled to have rhinoplasty and chin augmentation in less than a month. I have opted to have conscious sedation. From what I've read, it sounds... READ MORE

Getting rhinoplasty in 2 weeks and I'm extremely scared of anesthesia! Should I opt for sedation instead?

I am almost 30 and have been a smoker for about 10 years but otherwise I am healthy - I exercise and eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Would the... READ MORE

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