Rotation + Rhinoplasty

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Do I Have an Over-Rotated Nose?

My nose appears to be over-rotated. I'm getting different opinions however from doctors.The tip,when slightly forced down closer to my lip makes... READ MORE

Rotate Tip Under Local Anesthesia?

Is it possible to rotate nose tip upwards slightly under local anaesthesia? That is, without doing it as an actual rhinoplasty surgery in the surgery... READ MORE

Could Columella Still Have Swelling 14 Months After Open Rhinoplasty?

Hello guys, Its been nearly 14 months that i have had a open rhinoplasty and the tip is sligthly overrotated, But now the nose gives the impression... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Nose Tip Derotation? (photo)

I am a 16 year old male and my mother has an over-rotated nose as well. It gives off a pig-like appearance and shows too much of my nostrils. I am of... READ MORE

Will Rotating the Nose Have Any Affect on the Nostrils?

My first rhinoplasty is next month and Im torn between reducing the size of my nostrils or not. I've had two consultations and each surgeon recomended... READ MORE

Does my Tip Need to Be Rotated? (photo)

I am having a rhinoplasty done next week and I am concerned that if my tip is rotated, my nose will look fake. I do not want my nose to look like it... READ MORE

Can a Poorly Placed Columellar Strut Graft Make a Nasal Tip Appear Overly Rotated?

Surgeon says nothing was done to my nasal tip (per our agreement). We no longer speak. I see in my notes he placed a columellar strut graft. I say... READ MORE

Closed Rhino to Derotate Tip?

So my PS has a greed to do a revision to derotate my tip at 6 months post op. he plans on derotating the tip by removing the permanent sutures (and... READ MORE

I had closed rhinoplasty 6 months ago. My tip was rotated and the hump was reduced. Is this swelling? (photos)

There is a bump the appears at the top of my nose (more noticeable at an angle - from the front straight on it looks fine). If I press down on this... READ MORE

Does Tip Rotation Go Down and Inward with Swelling Decreasing?

I had a tip projection and rotation done May 21st, on May 26th I had the splint and bandages removed, and today is May 29th and I am very concerned. I... READ MORE

Upward rotated nose and a receding chin. Do I need a full reshape of my nose to fix this? (photo)

My nose has an upward rotation, I hate it. My fantasy fix for my nose is to remove it, rotate it so that my nostrils are horizontal to the floor then... READ MORE

Is my Columella Too Short? I'm 17 Days Post Secondary Rhino. Septal Graft Used to Fix Over-rotated Tip

I got a rhinoplasty which went horribly wrong, surgeon removed too much cartilage causing over-rotation of the tip. I did have a bit of hanging... READ MORE

Should I get a tiplasty to shorten and rotate the tip? (photo)

My nose is too long and when I smile it projects more and is very noticiable. Initially during my first rhinoplasty I specified to my doctor that I do... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce nose length without rotating the tip?

My nose is a little long and I am wondering if this is possible, the tip of my nose is fine so i don't think rotating it is a option at all. READ MORE

Does dome-binding suture elevate the tip?

If a patient is performed dome-binding suture, does she/he also get a slight tip rotation as a result? I have a bit of a droopy, bulbous tip, and I... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct a droopy nosetip(esp. when laughing) without having to rotate the whole nose projection higher?

I want my nose to be more supported to avoid droopy smile,without having to project every part of the nose higher:alar structure,nostril projection... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - swelling or deformity? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty four months ago, I'm male with thick skin and appreciate I'm swollen. However, I'm concerned about my profile, which appears... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a Tiplasty? (photo)

My nose is currently in the pic above i would like it to look like the picture below it....what would require to be achieved? From research i have... READ MORE

Is there a difference between lengthening and de-rotating the tip of a nose?

I was left with a short nose and looking for my revision posibilities. I keep reading about lenthening and de-rotating used in different ways. What is... READ MORE

What would be the recommended surgery for an under rotated pig-like nose? (photos)

I would like to know how much my nose could be rotated so the nostrils do not show and what type of rhinoplasty would be best for it. I am a Caucasian... READ MORE

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