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Had Doctor Made my Nostrils Too Small?

I had surgery 40 days ago.i think i am having breathing problem doctor narrowed my nostrils, i think new nose holes are small, can he make them bigger? READ MORE

Ear Pressure After Rhinoplasty - Help

For 1 yr after a rhino I've had bad ear pressure. I also can't get enough air in.Attempting to treat this surgically, under the theory that... READ MORE

Why do patients need to stop using Accutane 6-12 months before a rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty revision?

What are the problems that could occur if I'm on Accutane during a rhinoplasty revision? READ MORE

What Happens when You Have Complications in Rhinoplasty?

If complications occur from post rhinoplasty what happens next,if extrusion or infection occurs can I end up with a normal looking nose?I hear alot on... READ MORE

Will taking Ibuprofen 1 day prior to surgery cause problems?

My daughter is having nose surgery tomorrow at 9:50 am.she didn't realize she wasn't supposed to take ibuprofen and just took 3. will this cause... READ MORE

If a Surgeon Says 'Your Nose Tip Was Very Difficult to Do During Surgery' Does This Mean He Couldn't Do It?

The tip of my nose looks the same as before and he said that my tip was difficult when I went for a check up yesterday - 4 weeks after the operation.... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty be problematic in winter?

I am planing to have Rhinoplasty in the wintertime, because I was thinking that the cold temperatures would help with the swelling to go down a little... READ MORE

Would a plastic surgeon be able to make my nasal bone smaller and still look somewhat natural - and not cause problems? (Photo)

I hate how fat my nose is at the top. Bulbous bottom part doesn't bother me. I'm black; it comes with the territory! It's just too big for my face,... READ MORE

Are there any problems associated with deepening of the nasion during rhinoplasty?

I desire that my nasion be reduced as it is too prominent. I have been told that the skin does not conform to the bony nasion after it has been... READ MORE

Would having a septum piercing be a problem when getting a Rhinoplasty?

I have had my septum pierced for about 2 years and I have just started looking into getting a nose job. Most of the topics say not to get your septum... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in the U.S. - Is it possible to do as a tourist? What would I do for aftercare?

Since I was 14 I am thinking of Rhinoplasty, but didn't had everything available to fulfill my wish until now. I will be traveling to the U.S. for a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: What can go wrong?

What are some of the biggest problems and common complications that can happen during surgery and afterwards? How can a patient prevent them? READ MORE

What are the most challenging procedures in Rhinoplasty?

What are some of the most challenging cases you've come across? Is it usually revision patients that cause things to be problematic for a surgeon? READ MORE

What is the probability to the deviation to return?

I did my surgery since 1/1/2015, I broke my nose since 30 years, and I have inside and outside deviation. so I did a rhinoplasty, but in the third... READ MORE

Is rhinoplasty ever used to help noses that in pain?

Can rhinoplasty help with the residual soreness resulting from past traumas, sinus problems etc? READ MORE

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