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Sleeping Position After Rhinoplasty?

Following Rhinoplasty, what position should you sleep in? Also, if you wind up on your back or side during the night, will that affect the development... READ MORE

Will Sleeping On My Side After Rhinoplasty Affect The Result?

I'm 3 days post-op and find it very difficult to sleep on my back. I have accidentally slept on my side a couple of times and now I worry that I have... READ MORE

Repositioning of the Nares / Columella?

I would like to have my nares repositioned similar to picture attached. How is this procedure done? Thank you READ MORE

Will Sleeping Sideways Affect my Rhinoplasty Outcome?

I am 5 days post-op. Will sleeping on my side affect the outcome of the rhinoplasty? I have all my stitches and bandages removed. READ MORE

Sleeping on Nose 5.5 Month Post Rhinoplasty?

Hello... so i think when i sleep at night that i may be sleeping sideways on my nose.... i hate it cause i sleep so deep that i don't remember... READ MORE

Can Lying on Your Stomach Affect the Healing of or Displace Nasal Bones 4 Weeks Post-op?

I had an osteotomy performed to narrow my bridge 4 weeks ago. So far I've been sleeping inclined at 45 degrees until now, but today I became so... READ MORE

Sleeping on One Side - Nostril Differences?

Can this affect the way your bose looks? my nostrils were very even and now i find one is a lot more flared than the other and is kind of higher up... READ MORE

2 Weeks Since my Rhinoplasty is It Okay to Sleep on my Back with No Pillow?

Could it effect my nose or make it set thicker? or should I still sleep elevated? I had my tape off today and yesterday I did sleep on my back for the... READ MORE

Concerned About Movement of Nose After Surgery

While I had my cast after rhinoplasty, I moved my nose bc I thought it was off center probably 3 times out of impatience. It returned to its original... READ MORE

I Just Had Rhinoplasty Done. I Am About 10 Days Post-op and Wanted to Get a Back Massage on a Massage Table?

The massage table has a opening for the face. I would be laying face down for about 45 min. Would this be ok to do? READ MORE

I have been sleeping on my side since I had a rhinoplasty 3 days ago. Will this cause any problems and what should I do now?

I had septo-rhinoplasty 3 days ago. I wasn't told anything about sleeping positions by my surgeon and have been sleeping on my side since the op. I've... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty changed upper lip position; What did this doctor use to change the nasolabial angle from acute to obtuse? (photo)

Hello. What did this doctor use to change the nasolabial angle from acute to obtuse? Besides rotating the tip. The upper lip went toward the face... READ MORE

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