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Is It Possible to Change Shape of Your Nose Through Constant Picking?

I became obsessed with making sure my nose was clean and found myself always picking it as I hated the feeling of something in my nose. It got so bad... READ MORE

Does Nose-picking Enlarge the Nose / Nostrils / Affect Results of Healing Rhinoplasty?

On my 10th day post-op rhinoplasty (no grafts), I used a finger (!) to clean out scabs. I picked the nose for about 10 minutes straight and went past... READ MORE

I Got Rhinoplasty 7 Days Ago and I Keep Picking my Nose. Will I Get an Infection?

I got gore-tex on my bridge and ear cartilage on my tip and there are disolvable stiches in my nose. However, when I went to get my stitches out (from... READ MORE

Have I Ruined the Results of my Rhinoplasty by Picking at my Nose?

I had an open rhinoplasty and my cast and sutures came out 5 days later. Starting day 6, I began to retape my nose and touch it. I have also picked at... READ MORE

Can Picking Your Nose Shortly After a Rhinoplasty (1 Week) Increase Swelling?

I recently had a rhinoplasty surgery on April 27, and I've caught myself a few times picking or trying to dig at some left over build up or crust... READ MORE

Can I Pick my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

There is a lot of dried mucus in my nasal cavity that makes it difficult to breathe and is actually quite itchy. It's 14 days post op... Can I pick my... READ MORE

Had Rhinoplasty 8 Days Ago, Picked my Nose, Pulled Some Stitches. Would This Affect Final Result?

I was very careful with my nose but on the 8th day after op, the blood crusts were botthering me so i decided to pick them out gently, but accidently... READ MORE

Can You Pick Your Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I'll admit it. In the past, if I felt like there may have been some surplus "gold in the mine," I'd send a finger in there for extraction. I have been... READ MORE

Effect of Nose-picking on Nose Size?

Hello, I'm a medical student. I have a question to surgeons specializing in rhinoplasty. My brief search of the literature didn't give me any answers.... READ MORE

Just Got Rhinoplasty Done 6 Days Ago. Why Are my Nostrils Different Shape and Size Now?

I have been picking at scabs and blood in my nose can that effect the shape and size of my nostrils? Because when I first got m rhinoplasty they were... READ MORE

2.5 Weeks Post-op and Picked my Nose Good - Swelling. What Should I Do?

Hi, i'm 2,5 weeks post-op so today (don't ask me why) i really picked inside my nose from the right nostril. I should mention that i really... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Occasionally Pick Nose Three Months Post Reduction Rhinoplasty?

Is it okay to occasionally pick nose three months after undergoing a reduction rhinoplasty? Just the tip, less than an inch from the nasal openings.... READ MORE

Could Accidental Poking Nose with Qtip Cause Any Damage?

Hello i was wondering if i accidentally poked my nose with a qtip a little higher than the rim of the nostril if any type of damage could occur,... READ MORE

Pulled on Stitch by Accident 5 Days After Rhinoplasty?

Hi I'm 19 from Sydney and just had rhinoplasty 5 days ago. Today I went to pick a crust that irated me and I accident pulled on a stitch but didn't... READ MORE

Peeling Nose Skin. Could Picking At it Damage Rhinoplasty Results?

Hello so earlier i had a piece of dry skin like sticking out outside of my nostril and i picked it a bit.... could picking at dry skin do anything to... READ MORE

Will Picking My Nose After Rhinoplasty Damage The Result?

I'm 15 days post-op and have several times woken up to myself picking my nose in my sleep! Now I worry that I have damaged the result? READ MORE

Can Something Go Wrong 2 Years Post Op Rhinoplasty?

I am 2 years post rhinoplasty and i was wondering if anything could ruin my results at this point for example smoking, or picking it my nose, minor... READ MORE

Question About Excess Scarring in Tip Post Rhinoplasty

I once picked in my nose with a metal eye plucker to pull somting out then i hit the nose wall really hard. it hurt alot for a few days but didnt... READ MORE

Outer,lower Edge of Alar is 2-3 Mm Lower on One Side After Touching in Sleep

I had nose-lengthening rhinoplasty and also corrected over-exposed nostrils 7 weeks ago. ever since day 3 of surgery, after i caught myself picking my... READ MORE

Picking Nose After Minor Surgery?

I had a very minor procedure a week ago. i only need a piece of tape placed over the nose after my surgeon removed excess cartilage from my bridge. 3... READ MORE

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