Payment Plan + Rhinoplasty

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By What Means Could I Pay for Rhinoplasty, Considering my Limiting Conditions?

I am 18 years of age and do not bear an acceptable credit score. Therefore, I cannot apply for CareCredit. Besides waiting until I acquire enough... READ MORE

Is CareCredit a safe financing option?

I would really like to pay for half of my rhinoplasty in cash and the other half I would like to finance but CareCredit seems risky and I have read... READ MORE

How can I pay for a nose job as a teen? (photo)

I'm turning 17 and never really saw my nose as a problem until I finally noticed that it was creating imbalance in my face. I particularly hate my... READ MORE

Timing For Rhinoplasty?

I feel the need to clarify some aspects about my inquiry. I am currently working and would be able to afford my surgery given time. However, I desire... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Surgery Questions?

Was just wondering if there are any methods of paying for rhinoplasty surgery instead of paying the full price up front? Like can I pay over a set... READ MORE

Do Doctors Frown Upon Patients Who Need to Reschedule a Procedure Because of Finances?

I will have 70% of my procedure paid off by next week. I could use more time to pay off the remaining amount but I am afraid to speak up. I feel the... READ MORE

How can I find a doctor to perform my rhinoplasty and chin augmentation? (Photo)

I am willing to travel anywhere within the US. I am hoping to spend around $7000 for both procedures, and I need a GOOD doctor who offers a payment... READ MORE

I would like to know if rhinoplasty is recommended for a nose like mine? (photos)

I'm afraid of getting rhinoplasty and disliking my front view I really hate my profile but like my front view. I would be okay with a dramatic change... READ MORE

I would like some work done on bulbous nose. What would price range be like? Would payment plan be an option? (Photo)

I would like for the bottom half of my my nose. (Bulbous tip) to be slimmer and I guess I don't know. I just want something done so its just not as... READ MORE

I have a hump on my nose and it droops down & long. What treatment would you recommend?

I have a hump on my nose and it droops down & long. In elementary school i was hit twice in the nose with a ball & ever since then my nose wasnt the... READ MORE

What would be the cost of a rhinoplasty and a top lip plastic surgery?

Rhinoplasty and upper lip surgery, cost and payment I would like to get a nose job and upper lip. I do not at all like the fact my nose goes flat when... READ MORE

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