Nasal Bone + Rhinoplasty

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Cost to Rasp 1-2mm Hump on Left Nasal Bone?

 I cant seem to find the answer to this question and there are no rhinoplasty specialists in Hawaii, so I'd really appreciate a response. I... READ MORE

Do Bones Swell After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and although I am aware my nose is in the very early stages of healing I am concerned about how thick the bone looks... READ MORE

One Side of Nasal Bone is Wider Than the Other?

Is this natural? can i put pressure on it to fix it? did i break my nose and i never knew? READ MORE

When does your nasal bone stop growing?

I have a low nasal bone and I was wondering will it ever grow taller. If not, I was thinking about changing it. However, I'm still in my early teens... READ MORE

Getting Nasal Spine Removed, Should id Not be Messed with? (photo)

What percentage of people have to get some or all of their nasal spine removed? I had a consultation with one of the top Texas plastic surgeons and he... READ MORE

Possible Nasal Valve Collapse and Breathing Difficulties After Rhinoplasty/septoplasty/osteotomy? (photo)

I am 5 1/2 post op. Having breathing difficulties through both nostrils. While breathing through right nostril changes during the day (sometimes good... READ MORE

What Are the Bumps on the Bridge of my Nose?

I had primary open rhinoplasty two months ago. Three days after the surgery, my nose was bumped. It didn't bleed but I was still scared. I was in... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty I Fell of Bike: Can the Results Be Affected?

I had rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago, and 3 weeks after surgery I was on my scooter and fell off onto the ground.I fell off accidently as I crashed into a... READ MORE

Got Hit on my Nose a Year After Rhinoplasty Have I Caused Serious Damage?

Hi I was play fighting with a friend and he accidentally elbowed my nose as i was standing behind him. he hit me on one the right side of my nose... READ MORE

Can I Just Have my Nasal Bones Rasped a 1-2mm to Bring Them in Line with the Rest of my Nose? (photo)

Or is the upper width of them too great therefore do I need to have the bones broken? I like my tip, nasal base width & profile. It's just the... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Moving Nasal Bones 6 Days After Rhinoplasty ?

It's been 6 days after my open rhinoplasty(I removed a hump and lifted my tip ) and the casts are still on .I tried to touch the cast and my nasal... READ MORE

Nostrils Are Uneven After Rhinoplasty - What to Do Now?

I had a rhinoplasty about 18 months ago, narrowing of nasal bone and tip refining, but i have noticed that my nose is higher at one side than the... READ MORE

Can the very upper nasal bones of the nose between the eyes be altered by Rhinoplasty to be made more African American?

Can the Area of the Nose Between the Eyes Be Altered by Rhinoplasty To Be Made More African American? In reference to the very upper nasal bones,... READ MORE

Why is it that on the left side of my nasal bone there is a little bone sticking out?

Why is it that on the left side of my nasal bone there is a little bone sticking out does that make my nose crooked or is it my nose cartilage that is... READ MORE

I Can't Pull the Back End of my Hanging Columella Up, Something Hard is Right Under the Skin, is This the Nasal Spine? (photo)

Is it possible that a large nasal spine is causing my hanging columella? i don't have a tethered upper lip. I've included a picture i found but have... READ MORE

Reshaping Nasal Skin After Sports Injury

As a result of a sports injury my nasal bone was pushed toward the right and the bottom two-thirds of my nose became twisted. I recently had a... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce my Nasolabial angle? (photo)

My dorsal hump aside, is there any method to reduce my nasolabial angle? perhaps trimming the hanging columella or shaving the nasal spine?. I've had... READ MORE

I have a big nose, can Rhinoplasty correct my wide nasal bone and bulbous tip? What changes would you suggest? (photos)

I have a spetum deviation as well wide nasal bone and the cartilages at the end are also round and does suit with my face not a one READ MORE

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