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Is There a Way to Thicken a Narrow Nose?

Is There a Way to Thicken a Narrow Nose? READ MORE

Bridge Swollen After 4 Weeks After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi , I got my rhinoplasty done to narrow my bridge , nostrils and tip .when my cast was off my bridge looked narrowed and tip was better , now after 4... READ MORE

Very Narrow Nose Bridge? (photo)

Looking into getting rhinoplasty. Young (18-24), 5'3" and 110 lbs. I have a very narrow nose bridge and indentations in between my eyes which almost... READ MORE

Why Do my Cheeks and Eyes Look Different After Osteotomy and Rhinoplasty?

I had a osteotomy and my "bony base " narrowed and a small tip reduction. Now everyone keeps saying my cheeks looks puffy and like I had cheek... READ MORE

Considering Minor Rhinoplasty to Narrow my Nasal Bone Without Major Crafting, Possible? (photo)

I am a 24 year old Female, considering a minor Rhinoplasty, without a major change just a slight narrowing for my nasal bone to accentuate my feature.... READ MORE

Want Feedback on Options for my Nose Type, Will I Be Able To Achieve the Look I Want? (photo)

With my nose , can i have my nostrils bought in closer (narrowed) , and fat removed from the tip as well as refined ? Also, can I have my bridge... READ MORE

Can the Nose Be Straightened and Narrowed at the Same Time? (photo)

I have some questions: Can my nose be straightened and de-projected without widening the nose from the front view? I noticed in many before/after... READ MORE

Why Do I Have A Hard Time Breathing Without Deviated Septum?

If i breathe through my nose i get light headed quickly. I've never had nasal trauma and my septum seems symmetrical, the issue is the airway passages... READ MORE

I Am a 31 Year Old Who Would Like to Do Facial Surgery on my Eyes and Nose?

I would for my eyes to be more elongated and raised in the corners and for my nose to have more definition and a point to it, maybe narrower? READ MORE

About to Book Septo and Rhino. Am I a Good Candidate? (photo)

Hi Im about to book in and pay for septo/rhino. Im so nervous, I keep reading so many bad things about people being unhappy. The problem with my nose... READ MORE

Are the Chances of a Bad Rhinoplasty Greater when Making Subtle/minor Changes? (photo)

Are the chances of a bad rhinoplasty greater when making subtle/minor changes or when basically reconstructing the entire nose drastically? I know... READ MORE

Is it realistic to ask for a narrower tip and base? (Photo)

I would want it to be about as wide as my dorsum, if I'm saying that correctly. My nose is quite bulbous and I feel as though it is too wide for my... READ MORE

Can a patient recieve multiple outfractures if there is adequate healing time between each procedure?

After undergoing a closed rhinoplasty 10 years ago, my previously wide nose became too narrow. One year ago I received an outfracture to correct this... READ MORE

I have a high radix and nasal bridge. Would turbinate and adenoids surgery improve my breathing? (photo)

I feel like I have trouble breathing and have been told by an ENT dr that I have a narrow nose and that removing my adenoids and turbinates will help... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Improve the Appearance of my Nose? (photo)

Thinking about doing rhinoplasty since im alredy going to fix my breathing problems. i want to narrow the bridge and increase tip projection. is there... READ MORE

Procedure and Recovery Time of a Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi, My nose has a few imperfections that I'd like to have corrected with rhinoplasty, if possible. My nose is quite blunt, and my columnella shows too... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Fix This?

I said didn't want any bones between/under my eyes made narrower, but he did it any way. I marked on my face in white where part of it was made... READ MORE

I would like the width of my nose narrowed, my tip smaller and refined and nostril width reduced (photo)

I would like the width of my nose narrowed, my tip smaller and refined and nostril width reduced...How much would I end up paying for rhinoplasty? READ MORE

How much would rhinoplasty (narrowing of bridge and tip refinement) be? (photo)

I know it will vary, but I also know that rhinoplasty is a serious procedure that takes many years to master; so, I want a professional. I live on the... READ MORE

How can I make sharper nose and narrow in width? (photo)

Please suggest me about my nose .. I want to reduce it's flaring when I smile and make my nose sharper Thanks .. Which is the best option READ MORE

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