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Total Cost of Rhinoplasty, Facial Liposuction and Cheek Implants?

I am definitely planning on having rhinoplasty. I also wanted to have liposuction in my lower cheeks, around mouth area and chin as well as cheek... READ MORE

Why Did the Shape of my Mouth Change After Rhinoplasty?

I had septorhinoplasty 5 years ago.I had a large projecting nose with a dorsal hump.The doctor acknowledges but cannot explain why after the surgery... READ MORE

Will Rhinoplasty Change the Shape of my Mouth?

The bone at the bottom of my nose is not straight and is pushing the skin above the upper lip out. I am having a Rhinoplasty done and the doc said he... READ MORE

My Mouth Protrudes and I Have No Nose Bridge? (photo)

Hi I have protruded mouth, no bridge and a slightly receded chin. I know that for know I would like a bridge on my nose, the tip slightly down and the... READ MORE

Inserting Nasal Implant Through the Inside of Mouth?

I am having Asian rhinoplasty. Doc told me that he will cut upper inside of mouth and insert L-shape implant. To do this way, it will not make a scar... READ MORE

Permanent Side Effect from Nostril Reduction Through Mouth?

Does nostril reduction through the mouth have a permanent effect? Is it a good procedure? It does make sense to me since I tend to develop keloids. READ MORE

When I laugh, my nose looks ugly. I don't know why?

My mouth are also large so I can't smile or laugh without covering my face.And when people look directly at my face I look beautiful,but looking at... READ MORE

5 days post op of Rhinoplasty, why did I get stitches in my mouth?

I got rhinoplasty 5 days ago, when i woke from the anaesthetic I felt quite well not too much swelling or pain and I got home quickly. After the first... READ MORE

What can I do about my facial asymmetry? It's very extreme :( (Photo)

My whole right side of Skull is at least 10-15% larger than left side of skull.due to this(as you can see in the picture) my nose is deviated little... READ MORE

Looking for general advice. I am planning to correct my crooked nose and lower the nasal radix (Photo)

I feel that my face is unattractive. My maxilla seems to have grown downward instead of forward so I have no cheekbones, my eyes are close to each... READ MORE

What needs to be fixed for the symmetry of smile, nose, and face? (Photo)

I have had sinus surgery to correct blocked and damaged sinuses. My nose was much more oriented to the right side of my face. I have had braces prior... READ MORE

I have pallet pain 7 days after septorhinoplasty, what could this be?

I had my septorhinoplasty 7 days ago, the splint comes off tomorrow. It was to repare the damage from a bad break a few years ago. Everything has gone... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for open/closed rhino, jaw reduction and fat fillers around my mouth? (Photo)

While I don't think I'm butt ugly, I can be honest enough to say my face is androgynous enough to have been mistaken for a transgender. Not out of... READ MORE

I'd like to know what the best procedure would be to soften my features (Photo)

I feel I look miserable especially from the profile. I want to know if my nose can be softened or if the lines coming from the corners of my mouth add... READ MORE

Longer upper lip looks swollen up and clear asymmetric mouth corners 6.5 months after open rhinoplasty (Photo)

I had an open rhinoplasty 6.5 months ago and am very depressed.the lips looks longer and different. I asked my doctor said he doesn't know why it... READ MORE

What procedure do you recommend?

I don't know what is actually worng with my face, I just know that I hate the right side of it. Like ear, mouth, nose ,eye. Everything. I don't have a... READ MORE

What should I do to lift up my nose and mouth? (photo)

My face when viewed from side ways look horrible. I worries me so much that i tend to hide away from the camera. my nose is becominf bigger while my... READ MORE

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