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Medpor Implant for Nasal Reconstruction?

I was operated for deviated septum 6yrs back (Septoplasty) but after few days I had a nasal collapse. After 1 year, a plastic surgeon had placed a... READ MORE

Use of Medpor in Rhinoplasty for a Flat Nose?

I have a flat nose . I consulted a famous Rhinoplasty doc in New York and he has suggested that I need to have a medpor implant to give my nose the... READ MORE

Implant Shifting After Rhinoplasty - Normal?

I won't be able to see the surgeon until next week. I have to ask if shifting after getting rhinoplasty normal? I have an implant and the tip is... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Grafting; Medpor vs Rib Graft?

Without looking at the infection or extrusion rate and basing this purely on aesthetics, when augmenting an ethnic nose - does using rib graft have a... READ MORE

Rib Cartlage Dissolved, Is it Worth Trying Rib Cartilage Again? (photo)

I have an extremly flat face and nose and had a surgery 3 years ago using my rib cartilage which was almost completely dissolved except the tip and 2... READ MORE

Medpor Vs Silastic Comparison?

Advantage Medpor: * Tissue ingrowth decreases movement, which prevents erosion of the underlying bone * Tissue ingrowth permits access of the implant... READ MORE

Is a Medpor Implant Required when It Comes to Defining a Hispanic Nose? (photo)

I went to 3 doctors over the past few months. The last doctor I saw (Sam Rizk) told me that I would need an implant to define my tip of my nose.... READ MORE

Can I Smoke 3 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty w/ Medpor Implant?

Is it now safe for me to smoke 3 months post op open rhinoplasty? If not what are the chances of me developing complications? My main concern is... READ MORE

Foreign Material is Good for Rhinoplasty? Worried About Implant

I am 21yrs .. I have saddle shape nose . And i am planning for my rhynoplasty.. I do not want my ribs to get operated for taking the cartilage for... READ MORE

Can Someone Please Tell Me the Cons for Medpor Implants Used on Rhinoplasty Patients?

I recently had an open rhinoplasty and my surgeon placed Medpor on my bridge and tip. I am 3 weeks post-op and am healing well with minimal swelling.... READ MORE

Would my Ethnic Rhinoplasty be Improved with A Silicone Implant?

Hi. ive recently had a medpor implant placed and a columeller strut taken from the rib as the ear strut was unsuccessful. what i would like to know... READ MORE

Can Medpor Infected One Year and a Half After Surgery?

I have two paranasal implants and it hurts the one hand, and swells a bit too often, only those two symptoms, pain and swelling. The pain is passed in... READ MORE

Medpor Implant 5 Years Ago to Augment Bridge?

I am having some pain with small amount of blood and yellowish discharge in the last 6m i went to ENT specilist he said i had stap infection and give... READ MORE

Im So Scared of Doing Rhinoplasty Because After Using an Implant There's Alot of Precautions to Take?

However i just want to check if it is better to use medpor implants or use my ear cartilage. i am asian (indian) and my doc says i need a 1.5mm... READ MORE

Implants for Nose?

I have been reading mixed reviews on both. Which is better.. a medpor implant or silicone implant?? For my nose cartilage is not an option. READ MORE

Nose Was Pulled Downward 7 Wks After Open Rhino with a Small Medpor Implant in my Septum & Swelled Up Pink/throbs Some-now What?

It was pink, then purple, then pink, swollen, and tender. It was mostly settled when this happened (& I just seen my surgeon, who commented... READ MORE

Follow up question; nose is now swollen on one side after massaging too hard, bulbous, but flexible.What does this mean?

4.5 months post-up & bumped my nose 6 wks post-op, then massaged it too hard on 1side, hitting a blood vessel under the skin.Massive blob of scar... READ MORE

Is It Safe for Me to Tape my Nose After Revision Rhino if There's a Medpor Implant/ear Cartilaje in the Tip?

7-8 wks ago my doctor put a trimmed Medpor implant packed in cartilage in my septum to elevate my tip.I hit my nose & it swelled up almost as it... READ MORE

Very Frightened I Shifted a Medpor Implant. No Infection Suspected, but Continual Edema/scar Tissue, W/ Capillary Damage.Advice?

I will see my surgeon,so he can look at it, but long story short,at 6 wks post-op, I am afraid & injured/shifted a rotated medpor implant in my... READ MORE

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