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How Long Do I Have to Wait After Rhinoplasty to Wear Makeup?

I wasn't sure how long I need to wait to put on makeup after rhinoplasty? Also, is it dangerous for me to tan before the surgery? I don't mean... READ MORE

Touching Nose After Cast Removal? Is that Safe?

I had a rhinoplasty over a week a go to straighten out my nose (deviation) elongate with ear graft and refine the tip area. After the cast came off I... READ MORE

I Had Rhinoplasty (Bridge) 10-15-10, when Can I Touch my Nose and Apply Makeup?

When can I touch my nose and apply makeup? I had Rhinoplasty (norrowing of the bridge) on 10-15-10. READ MORE

Applying Makeup After Rhinoplasty. Concerned of Damaging My Nose With Make Up Brushes?

Good evening! I was hoping that someone would be able to ease my worries about applying makeup after rhinoplasty. I use brushes and am concerned of... READ MORE

When Can I Take Tape off Nose? (photo)

I had a nose job 6-30, my bone was not broken but i have a small implant on my nose. The packs were taken out 6 days after surgery but the tape was... READ MORE

Does Permanent Makeup Effect Rhinoplasty?

I got permanent eyeliner done and a beauty mark on the side of my nose. I'm still about 1 1/2 months away from my rhinoplasty surgery date. Will... READ MORE

I Am Almost 4 Weeks Post Op from Having Rhinoplasty and Am Concerned with Removing Makeup off my Nose?

I am almost 4 weeks post op from having rhinoplasty and am concerned with removing makeup off my nose. my nose at this point is still a little tender... READ MORE

Make Up for Scar After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Dear all, How soon after rhinoplasty am I able to use a camouflage make up for my scar? I am 4 weeks post op and the scar is a thin reddish pink line.... READ MORE

Im going to have a rhinoplasty soon, I was wondering if i can go for the surgery with makeup on? Or do I have to take it off?

If its ok I rather go with make up on, or at least just on the eyes and nothing on the skin?and what about nail polish? Im going for a closed... READ MORE

When can I wash my nose/wear makeup/wear sunglasses after rhinoplasty?

So, my surgeon says none of these things for 9 months at least. How can I manage this? Is it necessary for so long ?! Also he said no holiday for 9... READ MORE

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