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Cleaning Nose with Cotton Swab After Rhinoplasty

I'm 6 weeks Post-op and I've been gently swabbing the inside of my nose with a cotton swab to remove mucus. It doesn't hurt at all but... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Long-Term Side Effects?

If one does Rhiniplasty, would it affect them when they get older? Would the skin wrinkle and the nose stay the same? Or get damaged, over stretch?... READ MORE

How Long Does Skin Reshaping Last After Rhinoplasty?

I received my initial rhinoplasty about 1.5 years ago and because not enough cartlidge was removed on the dorsal part, I had a revision rhinoplasty... READ MORE

How Long Does a Good Rhinoplasty Last? A Lfetime? 20 Years?

I am curious. Reading many posts about people having troubles years down the road after having rhinoplasty. Some with a collapsed mid section, scar... READ MORE

Use of Medpor in Rhinoplasty for a Flat Nose?

I have a flat nose . I consulted a famous Rhinoplasty doc in New York and he has suggested that I need to have a medpor implant to give my nose the... READ MORE

Pain and Swelling Years After Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty about 7 years ago. I had noticed a small hump years after but it wasn't bad enough for me to want to go back in. A few weeks ago... READ MORE

After septoplasty/rhinoplasty surgery for deviated septum, what is the chance that nose will deviate again?

After getting septoplasty/rhintoplasty to correct severe deviated septum, is it likely that I may need additional surgeries to maintain the symmetry... READ MORE

What Are the Possible After Effects of Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty Besides Wrapping in Years to Come?

I've been doing some research for rhinoplasty. And most doctors seem to say rib cartilage would be better off then using gore-Tex. So far it seems... READ MORE

How Do I Reduce the Risk of Infection After Rhinoplasty?

I have done non surgical rhinoplasty before and had just finished my surgical rhinoplasty 2 days ago. Problem is, my doctor says there might be a high... READ MORE

How Many People Have Long Term Difficulty Breathing After Rhinoplasty?

My biggest fear is having more congestion and restricted airways after surgery. I enjoy running and challenging myself physically. My doctor mentioned... READ MORE

Can Chronic Tip Swelling Be Fixed--16 Years Post S

43 yr.old white female.16 years ago,had open rhino to correct a bulbous tip & deviated septum. One year later the tip was so refined;looked like a... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty Revision to Reduce Implant Size?

How long should I wait to have a revision for my Asian nose. I wanted a more defined bridge, but now I think it's too big? What should things look... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know the Possible Risks of Wearing a Dorsal Implant for Height and Definition (photo)

I love the shape, height and definition a dorsal nasal implant does to nose but really. are they safe long term? if they are safe which type of... READ MORE

What is It About when People Say That Your Nose Will Fall Down Eventually After a Rhinoplasty? Is It True?

I have read in different forums that the nose falls down years after a cosmetic nose surgery. What is that about? Is it the nose tip or columella that... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - 5 Months Post Op. Experiencing Eye Pain & Redness, Will It Stop?

I went to my Opthamologists about my dry eyes and slight pain and redness. He said it may have been the surgery if nerves were cut and the pain or... READ MORE

How Often Does Rhinoplasty on Younger Patients Call for Later Surgeries As the Nose Grows?

Is there any possibility of deformation of the nose in younger rhinoplasty patients due to growth? READ MORE

What is the medical reason behind avoiding hot foods and drinks post op?

Is it just a preventative for additional swelling (i.e. due to raising blood pressure) or are there any long term effects? As much detail would be of... READ MORE

What is the Best Technique for Nose Surgery from Traumatic Sports Injuries?

What is the best type of nose surgery for someone who has played hard and has had a few crash and burns from snowboarding and other sports? Are there... READ MORE

Long term effects of rhinoplasty?

I've been reading about how patients who had rhinoplasty done 10 or 20 years ago can later suffer "shrinkage" of the surrounding tissues, which... READ MORE

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