Fat + Rhinoplasty

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Any Fat in Nose?

Are there any fats in a nose or is it just bone and cartilage? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Fat Nose?

I'm only 16, but it bothers me so much that I have a fat nose. I look like I have a guy's nose, and it takes over my face. When I smile, it flares and... READ MORE

Osteotomy for Symmetrical, Straight, but Fat Nose?

The front profile of my nose has fatty bone, bulbous tip, and wide nostrils, but symmetrical and straight. The side profile of my nose has a very... READ MORE

What Happens After Fat Removal from the Nose Tip?

When fat is removed to thin the skin for increased refinement, is this permanent? If the patient gains a weight following the procedure will this ruin... READ MORE

Can I get fat removed from my nose?

I want a narrower nose... but I'm happy with my profile. Nothing to cut cartilage-wise I think. If the fat is simply removed... is there the... READ MORE

Will my Nose Look Natural if It's Less Chunky?

I feel like my nose is very fat from the from the front and chunky from the side. Is it possible to look a lot more refined from the front as well as... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Amount of Facial Fat

Hello, I'm Asian male 23 years old and have a very wide nose tip and flat nose bridge so I want to do ear cartilage for the tip of the nose and... READ MORE

Would it be possible to have the bump in my nose filed down? Also, can I get rid of the excess fat in my face naturally? (Photo)

It is a very small hump. My nose is also crooked, although that may only be because the bump is bigger on one side. Though it's slightly visible head... READ MORE

Is my rhinoplasty goal achievable? Is my nose even possible to work on? (Photo)

So good thing about my nose is it's the only symmetrical feature on my face. It is very fat that is the main issue. My nose absolutely takes away from... READ MORE

Can one get Lipo on their nose? (photos)

My nose just seems to have fat on each side of it. I'm ok with the shape of my nose, not the size or volume. When I pull down with index fingers on... READ MORE

My nose is normal but fat at the bottom

My most annoying feature is my nose at the top it's fine but at the bottom it's more fatter than the rest .i have a small face and a big nose and I... READ MORE

8-9 days post op Rhinoplasty, my nose looks much wider & fatter than before. Is this normal? Is it swelling?

I had a rhinoplasty a 8-9days ago. Yellowspottings has already gone from my face. My nose was hooked from profile but it was ok from front(the... READ MORE

I think my nose is too fat and out of proportion. I am considering rhinoplasty. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Sometimes these reviews freak me out, what do you think i should do? What can be done to my nose? READ MORE

Facial fat on one side. Can I fix my nose now? (photos)

I had an accident 2 years back and I still have fat on the side where I had maxillary fracture. I am attaching the CT I took today. What is the... READ MORE

Hello, I have a few lumps on my nose due to subcutaneous fat and I would like to get rid of them. Is Rhinoplasty the answer?

Upon consulting a surgeon she suggested laser refining which did not help.I have tried slicing off some of these lumps with a blade and it has... READ MORE

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